Friday, February 13, 2015

Urgent Dog Shelter Management Letters Today! Thanks a lot, from all lost, stray and neglected dogs!

Dog Shelter Update: Hiya! Pressure's back on again. Today is the last working day we have to play with - Friday 13th - in terms of writing to the elected councillors to have their meeting on the tender, on Monday.Don't forget to include in your letters that there is no way the Animal Collection Service could fulfill an animal welfare requirement, even with the original ISPCA staff. Say that it already isn't working, with so many killed in the pound (1,392 in the last 5 and three quarter years) and this situation set to get worse if their governing body has gone. The ISPCA pulled out I heard from the staff of the pound because their hands were tied by the legislation and there wasn't enough room for animal welfare!
The Mayor, Andrew McGuinness wants to deal with Sulky Racing at the same council meeting on Monday and get that banned. If you think that's cruel or dangerous as well then add that, so that he gets the ammunition for his arguments against and be successful in his proposal for a better system. I wrote to Carlow's councillors too as that keeps the transparency going between the two councils involved in the contract, so I think all their emails are on protecting Protecting Pound Dogs Kilkenny/Carlow page too, if you can send letters to them as well.... So, that's my edit of our just one peaceful evening's post on wednesday "What a great result, pressure's off, today's deadline is off, the contract with the animal collection service, has not gone ahead. There is a new policy on the table at next week's council meeting, focusing on re-homing and animal welfare…and so, for a relieved and peaceful moment, all is good in the world of man and man's best friend!!"
The Mayor's proposal stipulates regular monitoring, transparency and a animal welfare management. I am suggesting that the ASH tender be accepted and offering that I do the monthly report back on Key Success Indicators: Monies raised by licensing, dogs re-homed, care offered and support received from other shelters, whether in communications, education, care or rehoming. That way it wouldn't have to go out to tender again and no one has to add to their busy work load!
We can get Four Seasons Promotions, trading as ACS finally stopped in their contracts with vulnerable animals but please write today, so everyone at the council is clear on the issues! Another good point to raise would be that if the ACS are deemed not appropriate for Dog care, then the horse impounding contracts should be withdrawn from them as well. Lets get good, existing animal welfare organizations in place to address animals needs, education and good legislation in place to make it work! Monday is the day when it is out on the table at the Kilkenny Council meeting so please have your say. Thank God we have Councillors Breda GardnerMalcolm NoonanAndrew McGuinness, Patrick McKee, Fintan Phelan, Councillor Peter 'Chap' Cleere, David Fitzgerald and Fidelis Doherty on the animal welfare side. All these and more sent letters of response to concerned people on the campaign and will be glad of this opportunity to influence how the shelters are run from now on.

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