Friday, February 27, 2015

Energy 13% of global warming, eating animals 51%. Lets stop it!

Just watched the Cowspiracy movie again last night - A third of all fresh water is used for animal agriculture. 90,000 miles of deadzones in the oceans from 'run off' from animal agriculture (animals produce 3 times as much waste as all humans put together and of course none of that is treated). There is enough grain grown to feed 13 billion people already, when there are only 7 billion of us….but no! 6 billion get fed and one billion are starving, really starving. More than half the crops grown go to animals. Each of us can save 140 gallons of water a day by choosing not to buy or eat/drink any animal products. So global leaders, yes, Simon Coveney, yes, Phil Hogan, yes, all are responsible but so also are each and every one of us. Its really easy and good for health, finances, environment and obviously animals. Ireland alone is expanding with a notion to send meat and dairy to China and the US.

This is no less than a license to kill. Kill more animals, kill our surrounding ocean and inner waterways, destroy our soil, further en debt farmers to banks, kill off a few million unsuspecting people abroad because the human body was never meant to drink calf growth fluid. As the film says, cow's milk has all the hormones, lipids, proteins et al in it to bring a 65lb calf to a 400lb cow as quickly as possible. This is why dairy causes lumps and weight and worse. I hope everyone will just let meat and dairy go and not fall for just repeating an old unconscious choice of food and a denial about what it really is. The only people who are really being served at the moment are the top animal agriculture guys and pharmaceutical. Consumers by the God-forsaken produce, the pharmaceutical companies provide the antibiotics and other veterinary medicines to keep these animals alive momentarily alive to fatten up and then provide again the medicines for people when they get the heart problems. Its habitual misinformation and we can all make our own choice. I am vegan over 10 years and I'm still going strong. Someone at our local radio station apologized for going dairy free because her baby was so blatantly allergic to it. This is the mistake. Animal agriculture owes humanity and planet Earth an apology, not the other way around!! - The film can be downloaded from this website straightforwardly!

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