Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spend some quality time in the present tense!

How often we desert ourselves, with a thought! Every mental deliberation separates us; reason from emotion, justification and blame ensue. We can't stop this continual assessment but we can limit its airtime on the frequencies of our being. You can quieten your mind by taking the time to observe your thoughts and clearing the emotion around them. When you get steamed up or bogged down, you are letting yourself down: Wasting valuable energy, demeaning your eternal spirit and shutting down your big kind heart...pity as they are your three best faculties! Make a commitment to yourself to throw in a new dynamic. It might be set in motion by something like a silently spoken affirmation. I, for one, remind myself that things are always working out. I often add 'God only knows how, but they are'. Then notice the present tension disappear!

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