Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Everything is continuously changing - Thank God!

Focus for a second on the impermanence of life. Nearly everything that is here today may be gone tomorrow. Usually the thought might make you feel sad and insecure, but not this time. Be glad of the movement, within which there is growth, repair, joy and other gear shifts and experiences to have. It is a blessing that we are not static and rooted to the spot.

Our meditation was on loving kindness yesterday afternoon - that was three meditations in one day, I can confirm, and I am on my way home completely illuminated! I expected some prescription in that meditation to show more empathy and compassion and live harmlessly, but no. The whole period was dedicated to remembering when you yourself were shown unconditional love and then show yourself the same regard. Two nice affirmations were mentioned. May I be happy, may I be well. When I asked afterwards why we weren't being encouraged to share the love, the words of Buddha were: You can search your whole life for someone more worthy of your love than you, but you will never find them.

The second insight was to be happy and share that and only then be compassionate. If you precede happiness, compassion can never be more than pity. I'm mulling that over and glad I've found my happiness again, so i can keep up the compassionate work. If you get a chance, I recommend coming away from your daily considerations and distractions and relaxing the over-stretched mind here in West Cork. No actual stretching but plenty of expansion. Very good for the soul.

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