Thursday, March 15, 2012

The spiritual energy field

Living well might be seen as getting a balance between work, rest and play. These days, it is almost more acceptable to only look for a balance between our responsibilities to others and to ourselves. That smacks of all work! Rest and play are dismissed as the time-wasting pursuits of the weak and immature, respectively! Our spirits are tired from lugging our responsibilities around though and from constantly being judged on our time keeping, house keeping, handiwork or sales record. Our spirits are eternal, timeless, perfect and valid, regardless of these daily details. Our spiritual energy field is one of our best, I reckon, although they are all favourites of mine! Its not just a little area that we can ignore. We are only 20% physical and we are 80% spiritual. Although not many have looked into this consciously, I can confirm that our spirits love to play and serve. They can quickly transport us into a stream of giving and receiving on every level, that brings us everything we need.

Sadly, this field hardly gets a look in, in our culture. It falls at the first hurdle - I’m just using my Cheltenham vocabulary to get the racing feel because life is short, 8 furlongs at most! It is important that we have an understanding of our place in the bigger picture. The hurdles go on and on. All I’m saying is don’t fall for them! Sometimes its the church being seen as responsible for centuries of conflict. Sometimes its abuse, sometimes the misuse of power and wealth. Some feel that The Bible stories are impossible guides to a good life - for example the virgin mother is a hard code to embody! Others are put off by the makeshift spirituality of holistic practitioners, who use a bit of shamanism, many buddhist ideas and also have used the healing power of prayer and calling on angels to help. Yes, some of these might get on your nerves and make you cynical but no, none of these are reasons not to have spiritual beliefs of your own and build a trust in your own spirit.

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  1. have a great blog! I see the tagline is, "Integrating oneness a day at a time", which is perfect. I agree; to integrate oneness or to reveal the oneness that already exists, I do need to be aware of and use my spiritual nature. Some people seem to live their lives happily unaware or caring of the spiritual, and I think that's fine; everyone has their purpose and choice. But you spoke of things like rest and play, and I find that the assurance and confidence that come with integrating the spiritual or even intuitive with the rest of myself help provide rest and happiness at other levels, because it gives me better perspective and trust in how life works. And we're flexible and adaptive--we can focus on the physical if we want to, or the spiritual, or do both at once. Great post!