Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Think of 50 Things To Look Forward To: An Exercise To Do Rather Than Read Mine?!

 50 things to look forward to:

1) Playing the Chopin Nocturne proficiently, that Jay introduced me to.

2) Make Treacle Sponge Pudding as an unopened pot of treacle is the only sweet ingredient I have. 

3) Make Pumpkin and Kiwi Soup as I randomly have the ingredients and a recipe.

4) Keep my Gardener's Five Year Record Book filled in as I go, to up the chances of consistent success


5) Test attaching clear quartz to my fuel pipe to see if it reduces emissions, as found in studies.

6) Zoom every week with friends and try not to get stuck on one topic, either dog fertility or polities.

7) Resume yoga to open up new space for oxygen to circulate and symbolically emotionally & mentally.

8) Buy vegan dog and cat biscuit & tins, before my suppliers go bankrupt & i retch at the meat.

9) Fill every little pot wit seeds and soil and see what happens.

10) Write up Peace Talks: Two professors demonstrate nuclear power is not a climate action solution.

11) Write up vision for Sustainable Villages - that will be the next blog as it's 10,000 words so far.

12) Write up Lockdown points for government consideration, by jounalist Ewan McEwan?

13) Write to the government Animal Welfare desk and see if they have a plan to stop live export.

14) Write up Agriculture Sustainability Trade Off convference - Intensive profit but others dependent.

15) Find out if Saatchi Art where my original paintings are for sale, produce a print and how.

16) Help Noel plan organic transition.

17) See all my piano friends are lock down - except Clare RIP.

18) Idetify 5 amusing new ways to earn money for some necessities and treats.

19) Music Technique

20) Sell my book

21) Energy Treatments and Readings

22) Seel Cards: Greeting cards and Guidance Packs

23) Release my other books and screenplay 

24) By necessities i include paying for and fitting the new radiator

25) Mending the shower

26) Clean Food - no pesticides and conscience-light, so not from a supermarket.

27) A new computer as the bulb has gone in this here screen and I have to simply trust my fingers.

28) A phone as the software on mine is too old to support What's App. And no camera.

29) By treats I include vegan nail varnish to celebrate the dexterity of my fingers.

30) Help with cleaning to keep my promise of opening to guests when lockdown is up.

31) Make water-tight and put a ceiling in cabin.  

34) A load of top soil

35) An oven - that might be more of a necessity!

36) Protect fairy ring, I'm sure it can be done.

37) Paint a tryptich of the walrus visiting Valentia island.

38) Use ballet to strengthen my legs for surfing 

39) Mow the lawn, weave the willow, play with the animals.

40) Clear old limiting identity ideas and experience away.

41) Enjoy my 5 kms that miraculously includes sightings of great mates.

42) Get drawings framed for Dublin exhibition. 

43)  Visualize getting the contract

44) Get the contract

45) Deliver the financial, sustainable housing sanctuary to accommodate homeless people.

46) Start praying that my avocado trees flower and fruit this year.

47) Celebrate my 2020 vision and even plus two lines smaller at the opticians.

48) Reclaim my truck license but achieve financial freedom with my skills rather than drive for TESCO.

49) Borrow a power washer to clean plastic roof afresh.

50) Be on the right trajectory of consciousness for the new earth  

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