Monday, August 31, 2020

Keep Bearing In Mind The Economic Value of Biological Resources

80% of all economic activity and actually all life depends on biodiversity and yet Dr Liam Lysaght of our NBDC says conservation remains chronically underfunded by Ireland's government and species are more threatened than ever. 

I have set up this consultancy to re-direct public contracts to conservation and to meeting sustainable development objectives.   

Green Business Consultancy

In July and August, Frances Micklem at Green Business Consultancy (that is me) helped with 10 and entered 5 tenders, paving the way to redirect public contracts to operators with an environmental focus. The first conclusion that partners Richard C Cooke, Diarmaid Mulcahy and I came to was that Ireland (and eventually the EU) need a new information management system that can gather biodiversity data - (what is biodiversity data? It is information on the quantities and quality of life ecological conditions in marine and fresh water habitats as well as for wildlife and insects on land. Fertility of the soil and potential for food security, through the agricultural green transition) It is one thing to say 'information is to be made freely available' but actually there has to be a way to analyse the data against the 17 sustainable development goals and in reference to the Local Government Climate Change charter and the EU directives. What we are developing are grounds to attract funding and grounds to refuse harmful developments and training on all matters relating to sustainability, from economics to organic growing.


Analysis of biodiversity data for planning applications and permissions.

At the moment, if anyone asks the question: what is the impact of, for example, a new supermarket on a town periphery? We are not yet ready to quickly answer about the species on the green field site or statistics of smaller shops going bankrupt in the wake of the development. We cannot yet demonstrate what impact the compulsory purchase of greenways through farmers' lands will have and how does it compare to, instead, a voluntary uptake by farmers, of expert guidance (of which we have many in Ireland, only waiting to be asked) and committing the same land to organic or regenerative agriculture. Or to horticulture. Or to orchards, or to 'set aside' or agro forestry, or whatever other productive but experimental best practice methods farmers know about, are interested in, or would like to try. 

Species Loss - Extinctions past, present and threatened

"The expansion of the human niche by various forms of conversion is geometrically related to extinctions" I work with the Footprints in Coal Museum in Co. Kilkenny, in Geology history, Ecology Field Studies and as a training venue. 

Leveraging the Environmental Science expertise - 2% of Ireland's farms are already farmed organically.

Most importantly we need before and after data, so we can monitor if changes to our planning and building are working. Seems obvious but biodiversity data could easily be compared already, at organic and non organic farms, production plants and businesses. 

Measuring Community Biodiversity Action 

We need to be able to measure the success of climate action. Biological diversity can be understood as Ecosystem Diversity, Species Diversity and Genetic Diversity -

You will be glad to hear that we don't need more technology, we need more people monitoring the natural world and recording sightings. In fact, I am pleased to announce that I have taken on the role of actually being that new IMS!  The analysis turned out to be beyond the scope of technology. As everyone knows deep down, software can be clever but it can be no more than conscience-free number crunching at best. What we need now are contracts to go to operators who are both competent but also determined to preserve the environment (who has not noticed the instability and extremes of our weather now?) . 

Climate Action Training Ireland

To this end, I have revisioned 8 tenders and submitted 5. There is no end to what we can do with the skills we already have. So please get in touch and I'll align your business to a green funding opportunity - even if the contract looks at first to be only open to big businesses, with apparently challengingly big technical and financial capacity. 

There are no problems only solutions!

Greening E-tenders

Your response for 173044:1 Biodiversity Training for Communities in Co. Longford submitted

Your response for 171229:1 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) IRELAND submitted

Your response for 173532:1 Provision of Music Advisory Services submitted

Your response for 173358:1 Design, development and delivery of a Climate Action Training Programme for Local Authorities submitted

Your response for 173111:1 Multi Supplier Framework for a Coaching Service for School Leaders and Leadership teams in Department of Education Recognised Primary and Post Primary Schools submitted 

Your response for 170401: Appointment of an Operator for the National Biodiversity Data Centre. 

Your response for 170783: Provision of Procurement Advice and Training to Local Authorities.

Your response for 171460: Development of Social Housing Schemes - Wexford, Waterford, Kilkenny and Laois

Dealing with pests!


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