Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Therapeutic Pigs' Advice

I communed with the pigs this afternoon to see what their messages were.

Angel: Friendship. We have to make each other feel our friendship.
So, using the pendulum and the intensity of my intention, I helped her feel my affection for her 100%. Then I helped the free flow of her love to me, up to 100% too. 

She immediately runs to me when I sing Angie by the Rolling Stones…how could she  know it wasn’t written about her?

Ethereal: Clear all the spirits around you. 

She was referring to the animals I care about. I tune in every day, on a may-it-be-over-soon level and RIP level, in factory farms and at the slaughterhouse and on ships.


She told me to do as she does. I realized she is always involved in ‘gainful employment’. Always busy with something useful that brings dividends her way. I asked her to be more specific and she said 
1) Have piglet Welcome Days; ask for a donation of a tenner per family and make a cake. Let people know they can hug Legend as he’ll come and hang out in winter. Say that in the summer, when the paddock is dry and grassy, people can lounge around with her and the piglets too. But tell them pigs need love all year round!

2) Cruise on past efforts. You have the house right now for visitors or B&B or courses or a lodger, just rest on your laurels and wait.
3) Decide exactly what you want to do with your next 500 euro and it will arrive.
4) Marry a rich man? By way of clarification, she was referring to someone like Legend; resourceful, paying attention, protective and provides but does not eat that much of the grub.
5) Forage – Keep foraging around the garden. There are still apples on the tree, cauliflower, spinach and an occasional spud to unearth. Pick a little purple sprouting broccoli as it comes. Eat the sorrel and enjoy the rocket and learn more about living from the area, as it gets wilder. 


Clear the parasites, the irritants and the aggravators.

Interesting as parasites often do secretly reside in the spinal fluid and that is and I have had terrible back ache. Sugar and alcohol feed them sadly, as well as blocking vitamin C to the cells so not too much booze for me. Also sore hips are a sign of a sluggish liver, so another reason not to self-medicate with a brandy or two this time!

Irritants and aggravators were mainly people and situations. I have sent a lot of letters recently implicating a lot of animal abusers, exploiters and environmental polluters. I’ve generally exposed as much corporate and governmental corruption as I feel like rather than a strategic approach, more of a scatter bomb approach, in the hope that someone somewhere will pick up and run with the information – most recently, to the brilliant TD Maureen O’Sullivan. I think there is always a backlash (interesting word to come to mind!!!) when you get involved in politics and money grabbing industries who’ve been getting away with it for years! They’d probably rather I shut up!

Obviously not going to though as the voiceless really need a result. It must be so frustrating for them not to be able to speak. To have so much consciousness and things they want to impart to us but no language we can understand.

It’s like a punishment in itself, to be so misunderstood and ignored, let alone the mistreatment, captivity and killing of so many. Such a buzz to have perfected animal communication, using the pendulum to check my telepathic accuracy.

What a treat to write a blog again From The Pigs' Perspective‘ of which I have many hundred from previous years!!

Welcome home Legend and Rebecca and welcome to Ethereal and Angel, the beloved adopted piglets who are here now too!  

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