Sunday, August 11, 2019

Animal Poll To Inform Parliamentary Debate on 8th September

This is the poll I would like to run past the people of Britain while they have the opportunity to set new policies after Brexit. It is a long time since the government took out sentience and promised to put even greater protections in place. This is their chance to do that but I suspect they won't unless there is big pressure to do so.

Do you understand and agree with:

1. Laboratory testing on animals?

2. Puppy farming?

3. Companies running dog pounds for profit?

4. Companies running stray horse collection for profit?

5. Should all abbatoirs be closed?

6. Intensification to Factory Farming acceptable?

7. Do you agree with increasing the national herd for 2020? 

8. Should we import any food grown using chemicals that are banned for use here?

9.Would you help a farmer in exchange for food?

10. Should we ban the grinding of male chicks alive, in the egg industry?

11. Should we ban chopping off testicles, tails and teeth of piglets without anesthetic?

12. Should we ban Fur Farming?

13. Should sonic boom fossil fuel investigations be banned, to protect sea life?

14. Should super trawlers be banned?

15. Would you like to see British coastal waters made into a ‘no take zone’?

16. Do you know what the five freedoms that should be afforded to farmed animals are?

17. Do you think that animals should have rights?

18. Do you agree with a badger cull?

19. Do you agree with a deer cull?

20. Should there be a ban on fox hunting?

21. Should there be a ban on zoos?

22. Do you agree with the government subsidizing blood sport industries with public money?

23. Should horse racing be banned?

24. Do you understand and agree with force-feeding ducks to make liver pate and foie gras?

25. Do you understand and agree with veal production methods?

26. Do you understand and agree with removing calves from the cow for dairy?

27. Would you like to see plant-based nutrition taught in schools?

28. Should chemical companies be fined for ecocide, damaging land, food and biodiversity? 

29. Should the use of wild animals in circuses be prohibited?

30. Should public money support animal welfare groups? 

31. Should public money support meat producers?

32. Should the slash & burn of hedges be allowed during nesting season?

33. Are animals sentient? Can they suffer?

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