Monday, May 27, 2019

Poem for Jonah RIP

Answered prayers delivered every week day.

For Jonah

Beautiful Jonah
Who was so quiet
He only made one noise, once
When his tail hit a wire

In the last few years
He needed a high viz’ jacket
Or Dad mightn’t seen him there
At the bottom of the stair.

Faithful Jonah
Who’d always come in concern
To a cough or a sneeze
Not waiting for something serious like a turn
When he’d checked you were fine
He’d start sliding down
To your feet
To again take his ease.

Beautiful Jonah
A role model to others
Zola learnt how to behave 
Only once led you astray.
Sky, too, learnt how to be,
To try and hold it together and 
Not bark at the trees.

Beautiful Jonah
I understand Mum
With some decisions and sadness
You have to stay stum.
Soppy dog, Jonah
I understand Dad
To not get to say bye,
Would make you so sad.

It’s like Mum used to say
‘You treat this place like a hotel!’
But she couldn’t have born it
If I hadn’t come home 

Dad might be worried  
If the last time he saw him
He called him a mutt 
Or a total greedy gut
Knowing full well and indeed what luck
That it takes one to know one
And Jonah knew as much.
He also understood 
That we all loved him 
As much as we could.

Last night, I escorted his soul to heaven
It didn’t take much for it to leaven.
Clearing any fear that he had
At his passing
He is now again ready to
Receive prayers for the asking.

In addition to thank you for the wonderful time,
He told me specifically to say
Answered prayers will be delivered 
Every week day.

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  1. So beautiful captured your beautiful “ Fur Baby” so well..I feel I knew him soon and thanks for sharing..Big Hugs...💞💞💞💞