Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Ambient Roadside Diner for Harmony Hall?

Most of my paintings are up with these two beautiful people

in their wonderful cafe in Bray!  
The Kitchen Cafe, Dublin Road, Bray

Happening upon these photos of the exhibition opening and dinner, for PAWS, that I did there, got me thinking about a roadside diner at Harmony Hall. I thought of doing everything people fancy, in a veggie organic styles.

Like organic chips, breakfast rolls, coffee, cakes etc. or more of a chinese take away without the mysterious ingredients! Or maybe pursue my dream of promoting the merits and wonders of raw food or maybe a 'mainly from the polytunnel and new greenhouse' theme or maybe a piano bar, to fine tune visitors back to insane levels of health and resonance. Anyway, there's a building there now with serious insulation and a beautiful stove, so that's the ambience sorted. The rest will no doubt follow!

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