Monday, October 30, 2017

Two Years Of Pig house keeping... but more important, for more souls!

Aisling Hurley's photo of Becky and I - first visit!

I've had the pigs, Becky and Legend, for two years now and I can confidently recommend caring for animals above eating them. I have been vegan for about 16 years now, vegetarian before that and it is the only way to go for animal lovers who want to be consistent. Legend (the boar) says to me, every day, 'Do Something, Please' and that is what I intend to do.

I have an idea to create and take on a role of Minister for Animals in Europe. I have friends that might be better prepared, better speakers but they don't want the job. All I know is that it should not be the same people who govern the animal industries (food, pharmaceutical testing, animal agriculture, fashion, transport, bloodsports) that represent the animals in those industries. It is a massive CONFLICT OF INTERESTS. It is obvious to me, the animals need someone there at policy level that isn't benefiting from the sale of their flesh, fluids and hides. We can all do something; I probably don't need to spell out what that is!!

This is Becky, taken yesterday, after a few weeks of important work, preparing a whole area for 2018 crops

Romantic Lighting for them and plenty of straw at night

Photo by Selina Gittins, Eclectic Interiors

Photo Credit: Cody Buckalew Photography

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