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May Day! Help! Public Participation Survey of EU Agriculture Policy enclosed - Closes tomorrow!!!

This is the link to the Public Participation Survey - at the end you get to write your own thing or use something of mine that I have copied below and right at the end, you can submit your own proposals - up to a five page document


I attached:  Going Vegan Addresses all 17 EU Sustainability Goals

An Answer to Qu. 12 about imports and exports and impact on developing countries.

What are the main problems/obstacles preventing the current policy from successfully delivering on its objectives? What are the drivers behind these problems?
Chemical free farms make up only 1.9% of Ireland's farms, even though diverse, manual, organic methods are 4 times more productive of land space, protective of soil, animals than mechanized. Farms should be supported in transitioning to horticultural from animals, while we still have the water for that. 95% of the earth's water is already contaminated. (I did not dare tick any boxes about clean energy in case Europe still considers gas as clean energy - when it is actually cleaned by billions of litres of much needed fresh water. I did not dare tick any boxes that mentioned research as testing toxic products and GM mutations on harmless animals should have been banned already but Ireland has become the animal testing capital of Europe as so lax on welfare. Crops such as potatoes are sprayed between 20 and 30 times with glyphosate. The effects of the pesticides, fertilizers are kept quiet. Even Putin has banned Monsanto, Sygenta, Bayer and Dow and co accusing them of crimes worse than terrorism: Stating, it should not be the position of a government to systematically poison its citizens. EU Regulations and standards for farms still only benefit chemical & pharmaceutical companies. Human health, food and quality of life(locally & in developing countries)are compromised by every intensification. Meat producers are fraudulent and decide the payment for animals and milk between themselves. Many farmers in Ireland have not been able to pay their feed bills for the last two

An Answer to Qu. 13
Which elements of the current CAP are the most burdensome or complex and why?
Animal agriculture has got to be stopped, phased out if necessary, but stopped as soon as possible. It is inappropriate to stand over the mass unregulated breeding and slaughter of so many sentient beings in this day and age. The only compensations and supports should be to farmers transferring their immense skills and building on their knowledge of land managment to do organic horticulture. Real food is not only needed for Europeans' health but also for the environment. To regulate the meat producers. To raise awareness of chemically grown food and incentivise a transition away from it 1) for farmers to organic practices and welfare standards; like the savings to be made on fertilizer and pesticides and the better price that their products would then command. Also 2) raise awareness in consumers; of carcinogens and toxicity of preservatives and growing methods and the slavery in the chain of cheap products. Encourage people towards circular economies of local community supported agriculture schemes and self sufficiency/sustainability of each area. The only things we need to export or import are the things we NEED - many European countries already need water and get Nestle and the big players off our basic life resources.  

An Answer to Qu. 32 
Do you have concrete ideas for simplifying the CAP and reducing the administrative burden for farmers, beneficiaries (or public administrations)? Please specify and explain the reasons behind your suggestions.
If a chemical is banned from use in one country, do not allow products to be imported to that country that have been grown using that chemical- it is an unfair advantage to other countries that are still allowed to use dangerous chemicals while the country's own may be harvested later and look poor in comparison- even though they are technically better -chemical free. Lift the rules around organic labeling and make heavier the labeling on chemically produced and GM products. They are the ones people really need to know about. Ban live export. Ban factory farming - and this time not with a 12 years to put into effect, like the increase in chicken cage size. Stop veterinary incentives to claim cases of TB and stop the financial benefit for slaughterhouses of taking TB cases for free as they can just add them to the food chain anyway after cooking the carcasses. Stop the cull of badgers re TB and Otters and seals re fish. Absurd to suggest the animals are at fault when it is obviously human practices that are making all stocks vulnerable. Economy: The exact week the farmer's subsidy is paid tall the payments for shots, antibiotics, feed etc etc go out. They cannot make money and they never know how much their animal will be worth having raised it for two years. Animal agriculture is not sustainable, for farmers, their animals' health (endless shots of antebiotics to survive pneumonia, other germs in cramped conditions long and too young and the run off into water & environment.

An Answer to Qu. 33
Do you have more ideas for modernising the CAP?
17 EU Sustainability Goals could be met by a vegan society. Treat the problems of humanity, food and ecology as the one thing thing. Focus on raw food industries as they provide intact vitamin/mineral profile and enzymes still alive. Less heavy on manufacturing energy use, chemical and water use. Focus on and support a plant-based, organic, multicropping, localized agricultural practices and production. Make the ocean a no take zone at once and for 5 years. Stop being so heavily funded and dominated by the agro chemical companies. Find all the alternative research - that is all not undertaken by them themselves, and then fine them for Ecocide - the laws are there. This could realistically fund real change, bring justice, fair quality of life for farmers, support community and city efforts and only penalize the companies that have made enough money already. If you don't, we will all end up like the Indian Suicide Belt; left unable to save our own seeds or maintain any good agricultural practices at all. Prioritize Horticulture in colleges above animal agriculture. Make sure chemical management is no longer taught as somehow normal. Pay each farmer a subsidy only to be a citizen scientist - finding out exactly what their soil needs and becoming innovative about what can be produced and what manpower and information they would need to do it.Support Community Garden Networks and other urban farms, spaces, garden centres as food growing, educational and social cohesion facilities.

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