Saturday, April 1, 2017

Vegan Healing and Cooking Course - Starts Wednesday 19th April 10 weeks


We will practice energetic medicine, using dowsing.
 19/4/2017  Week One:
How to use divining for diagnosis and healing.

 26/4/2017 Week Two:
The Immediate Energy Field
Organic Vegan Yeast-free bread - 3 loaves at a time.

3/5/2017 Week Three:
Power Retrieval
Millionaire Shortbread - Raw vegan unprocessed 

10/5/2017 Week Four:
Soul Retrieval
Roast vegetables au gratin - dairy free, gluten free, chemical free

17/5/2017 Week Five:
Environmental Energies
Banoffee Pie - Raw, unprocessed organic 

24/5/17 Week Six:
Miasms and existing Dis-ease
Full Irish Breakfast - vegan alternativ for hard to convince non-vegan family members

31/5/2017 Week Seven:
Creativity and manifesting
Bugers, hummus and other sprouted chick pea salads - Raw, vegan, organic

7/6/ 2017  Week Eight:
Chakras, organs, and improving functions.
Cheesecake - Dairy free, organic, unprocessed, no sugar or flour

14/6/17 Week Nine:
'Being' Why and how to surrender worry
Quiche - Raw, nut based, organic raw fillings inc. spinach and with pistachio cheese on top
21/6/17  Week Ten: 
Establishing a positive practice for going forwards
Bread - Raw seed bread, with flaxseed, sunflower seed, sesame and a little celery or red pepper.

People are welcome to join for weeks that suit them or book for the full course. Like horse riding, some repetition of the basics are useful for everyone when it comes to energy work. It will be a new language to most people and the more we clear each other and spend time reflecting together as well, the greater the awareness and understanding of what's happening is.


It is my understanding that if you are mindful of your body and the impact of your lifestyle on others then Nature essentially would like to keep you around, in one piece and totally thriving - even if purely in order to keep on fighting the good fight but also may as a living example of how to 'live in alignment' rather than 'survive despite' your environment.

Some people are not yet confident about eating vegan let alone able to see yet how it might lighten their energy, allow them to clear their homes of negativity and illness and watch the butterfly effect to family and friends, once they've fostered this gentle way of being that is marked with acceptance and loving acknowledgement. That is what this course is for; each week we will prepare something delicious; raw, vegan and organic probably like millionaire shortbread and wafer thin seed bread. Apples, oats and hazelnuts from Ireland might be featured but we will not limit ourselves, we will explore all the ingredients and share ideas on nutrition, sources, benefits and impact or answer whatever questions people have.



Cost: €300 for the full course in advance (includes training, tea, snacks, experiential healing).
         €40 for 'drop in'
         €80 Week's selection of dishes and ingredients: €80
         (Please book in advance so I can have them ready!)
         €35 Accommodation available at Harmony Hall
         €15 Ceramic Coaster  (Opportunity to make oneself, including training in intentional writing)
         €10 Pendulums  (Opportunity to make yourself, other pendulums are provided for training)
Venue: Harmony Hall, Nr Paulstown, Co. Kilkenny. Start time 7.30pm
Contact: 087 137 0859 to book or email

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