Sunday, March 6, 2016

Seed Savers Seed Share Day, No To Trident Nuclear Submarine and Yes to a retreat at Harmony Hall

How could it be about planting on a weekend like this? But it is! The sun warmed the soil and I dug over my lasagna bed…I will explain all that another time. I had my 'earlies' ready to go in. These are the earliest round of potatoes. You can cut each one into smaller pieces. Only important detail? Each section you plant must have an eye so that it can sprout new potatoes.

The collaborations resumed today at The Irish Seed Savers 'Seed Share'. Don't tell Monsanto because he thinks that all seeds are his. Did you know 75% of the biodiversity on the planet has already been lost? Seeds contain the whole life of the plant, it contains all the food it needs to get started and plants feed themselves then by photosynthesis...but they are also our food security. What would we eat without them? What would the animals eat?

Now what do we have here? Some beautiful white roses that my brother brought and then below there's a young parsley plant (Did you know they used to feed parsley to war horses going into battle as it gave them nerves of steel! But let's have no more war).

In England this week there was the largest ever Trident (Nuclear Submarine) demonstration. 10,000 people went to London to say

1. It is a breach of the international legal agreement England made, if they renew Trident.
2. It will not improve national security. The current threats are smaller unit terrorism and mainly climate change, neither of which are at all helped by nuclear weapons.
3. It will cost 1 billion pounds sterling. This is enough to fund the National Health Service for 40 years, instead of the cuts it has been seeing.

You in America have probably not even heard of a National Health Service - because if wouldn't 'make a profit' for the pharmaceutical companies if you were to look after sick people. You are seriously being kept in the dark. There is no access to organic food either, I gather. All of it is genetically modified, chemically treated, sprayed and contaminated.

You are going to have to grow your own. It is the only way you can get clean food. That is what we are doing over here and there's the added bonus of meeting lots of great people with the same values of working together, skill sharing and support.

Also at the Seed Share I got these 4 types of seed potato, 4 varieties of sweet corn, marjoram, a raspberry bush, 3 sorts of beans and a bag of organic compost to give them the optimum environment to shine, or you might say thrive!

I loved the shape of these sacred geometry beds, they must help the synergy of the organization. I am thinking of something similar for Harmony Hall. A bit too technical for me? Well actually, I can just unscrew the frame of the geodome … as it did not survive the storms anyway … and use the hexagons and pentagons on top of each other as raised beds! Genius…or resourceful…or making the best of bad job…or the ultimate metamorphosis….one or the other!

The snow was beautiful and sat on my Oak tree and letter box and also somehow on one side of a vertical pole. Don't you love nature's ways and means?

Can you imagine my happiness when standing outside, under a reciprocating roof shelter, watching a vegan pizza being cooked in a home made cob oven?  Seed Savers rock, everyone should be doing it; the seed saving, the cooking, eating only organic food, protecting biodiversity and learning how to make new soil via composting. Its therapeutic for people, places, pollinators and animals…what is not to like!

This is Bat Valley, the beautiful view, of the garden at Harmony Hall and my favourite three fields, beyond the woods. Do you have 3 favourite fields? If you don't, you are missing out.  

I would recommend for definite a transformational retreat here. The only place you will get the totally organic vegan chance to get well - detox from all the chemicals - plus the tools and skills to take this positive life home.

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