Friday, January 15, 2016

Legislate the pharmaceutical Industry: No commitment to cure but a license to kill

Pharmaceutical companies have no intention of curing you

You know and I know that my focus is on your well being, self healing and independence of mind. Can you say that about any other medical practitioner? I'm just asking, what makes me the 'alternative' practitioner?

Legislate the Pharmaceutical Industry

I am calling for legislation for the pharmaceutical industry. Currently there seems to be none. I would go so far as to say that they are the real problem with health services. All the doctors are 'sponsored' by the producers of the drugs they prescribe. A chill ran down my spine in a back consultant's office (!) as I described an allergic, digestive, thermostatic, insomniac reation to a nerve pain killer and found my eyes drawn to his box of tissues - Lyrica written down the long side. Yes Lyrica was the medication I was describing and how it does not ease the pain, it does not induce sleep, it makes a person like the living dead; ranting raving, constantly in and out of the bathroom. The consultant himself was sponsored by this company.

What a Monopoly

Doctors who I have interviewed, confirmed that they just prescribe what the drug companies offer. That means that they have no idea what counter-indications there may be between medicines. They don't know what trials have been done or long term repercusions of taking the drugs. They also don't know the ingredients.



The majority of tablets are coated in casein, which is a milk protein. This ties them to the agricultural industry, when research clearly points to casein itself being carcinogenic. For more information see The China Study by T Colin Campbell


Talking of ingredients, vaccines are known to contain mercury:

"Many vaccines still contain thimerosal (49.6% ethylmercury by weight.) While mercury is a highly toxic element second only to radioactive plutonium, when combined with other ingredients, specifically aluminum and formaldehyde, the synergistic effects increase 10,000-fold."

What Vaccines Contain What Ingredients

It makes for grim reading, expecially for those who respect animals or wild life. Especially for those who find themselves picturing, even for a moment, how hard won these vaccines are and how pushed down our throats (In Australia, as of January 16th 2016, families who do not get their infants vaccinated will have their benefits stopped)

Animal Products in Vaccines

Measles, Mumps and Rubella contain:

"hydrolized beef gelatin, chick embryonic fluid, and human diploid cells from aborted fetal tissue" as well as heavy metals, chemicals, anti-biotics and the mirobes of the viruses themselves.

Somehow, pharmaceutical companies in Ireland have managed to get legislation in place that all dogs must be vaccinated against Rabies if they are traveling to the UK...when there has been none for years.

Rabies vaccinations contain: 
"Rhesus monkey fetal lung cells" .... as well as the other ingredients.

Chickenpox vaccination contains:
"processed gelatin, fetal bovine serum, guinea pig embryo cells, albumin from human blood, and human diploid cells from aborted fetal tissue" .... as well as the other ingredients.

Mad Cow Vaccine...but this time its the vaccine not the cow that is mad

Cows have been identified as a large emmiter of methane gas, as the biggest contributer to CO2 Emmissions there is, more than all transport and fossil fuels collectively. Some listened up and said 'Let us keep less and less cows and turn to a plant-based diet'.
But no!
The pharmaceutical industry this week said,
'We have come up with a vaccination for cows to eliminate their methane emmissions. We are now at the testing stage'
Cow Vaccine Testing Article

Think about any of that for a moment, if you will! Who are they testing it on? How many? For how long? Releasing methane is a natural part of the digestive process and cows have 3 stomachs, what will happen to that digestive tract? Will these cows explode? Make solid dung rather than cowpats? Will they fattened quicker and slaughtered earlier before their systems break down altogether? They have already bred cows with smaller lungs to leave room for more fat and because they are not left live until full size anyway, so they don't need full capacity lungs. This is a heavy duty paper, thermal mapping from space on America's Emissions

Then of course there's the 'produce' from these 'vaccinated' cows. I bet you 50p that that milk and meat won't be very good for those that still call them food.

Old idea that pharmaceutical drugs are medicines

Don't let the pharmaceutical industry foist products on the health system and the food industry.
Don't let the pharmaceutical industry test on animals and be considered beyond reproach as it is in the name of medicine. They do not deserve that identity any more.
A brief guide to big pharma

Corrupt Agenda To Keep Us Ill

The brilliant series 'The Truth About Cancer' showed beyond all doubt (reasonable or unreasonable) that if the cancer doesn't kill you, the chemo will.
The Truth About Cancer - free episode
The best way to start is to not prostitute your government to these big companies. If you've received a few grand towards your campaign, does that over ride the need to monitor plane loads of animals arriving to a life of meaningless torture? Is it enough to justify the damage and deaths of heaps of people by vaccines and prescribing long term toxic medications?
Political Parties both receiving Corporate Donations for elections any way they can

Endless Medical Testing

Also this week the elephants who were released from a year early from their twenty years in the circus, only to tested on in cancer research. You might say that that is a long way away but the principles or lack of them are right here among us.
 People will exploit anything, even a noble elephant, for as long as they can get away with it

Natural Health is There In Your System Waiting For Your Attention

So when you next think to yourself, I don't feel well, should I go to the doctor. The answer is NO. They won't help. You need to be able to look at your own life and experience and identify what needs attention. Even though about 60% of doctors will do their best with a diagnosis, it will always be you that must give yourself the treatment.

The pharmaceutical companies overtly have a mission statement that they want every single citizen on an average of 4 prescribed drugs throughout their lifetime, from the cradle to the grave. Extricate yourself from the system and let me know if you want to touch down and get some sound advice as to where you can get the support you need.

Pharmaceutical Companies are Part of the Corporate Power Grab which is the TTP

In the meantime, while you still have the wealth of your health, ask the canvassing politicians in advance of the election to get their government departments to legislate for ethical standards and also to stop the Transatlantic Trade Partnership (TTP) which will give these private companies even more of a free rein and unaccountability.
Understanding the TTP by Dee Sewell of Greenside Up

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