Monday, September 28, 2015

Nearly 5000 come to biggest Animal Rights march in Ireland and then the Blood Moon for further transformations!

Well I've woken up from my panoramic blood moon love in at Harmony Hall in warrior mode, like your one from Terminator 2! Sunflower, flax, pumpkin, hemp, lecithin, spirilina, vegan vit D oil, acidophilus and even a tiny bit of Herb Robert on my cereals. Now I'm going for 50 lengths and there's no telling what might be achieved later in the day! The intentions I set - because the moon likes specifics! - were
1) World peace. 2) People helped home or into new homes with water and food (before we release our dependence on food! Starting on the 2nd October, I'm Fasting Against Slaughter with thousands of others. Its quite a laugh and comraderie actually sharing the various highs and lows of withdrawals from breakfast, lunch and tea! And, of course, spreads a strong message that we don't need to kill everything that moves to survive!) 3) Compassionate people into power 4) Justice 5) Love 6) To bring real joy back to the world (because one's accompanying feelings are also important to the moon. You can't just be cross and vigilante about things, you've got to muster up the vision you want and feel delighted about it. 7) Live the dream. So I'll report back if any of them come together. I couldn't capture the eclipse in a photo so I'm just sharing the day time scene, so perfect to watch it the whole way around! Thanks Michael Rice for the Sacred Geometry delivers daily restored posiivity!

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