Sunday, July 11, 2010

We've cleared all 60,000 from the Battle of the Boyne, are we still on target?

We are aligning ourselves with Newgrange, Co Meath. It was built 5000 years ago when the planet Nibiru was last in between us and the sun. The next time the planets will be in that order will be 2012. We can feel a fantastic pulse emanating from it. If people aren't resonating well though, what happens in the presence of power is fear, chaos and violence. That is what this wonderful sanctuary is up against.. There have been countless break-ins, threats, thefts, abuse and a sense of vulnerability for people and animals around the area (a mere 600 metres as the crow flies from the monument). Yesterday I was clearing solidly from 2pm to 1am. Many vortecies and stress. We've been hoping for fabulous donations so who knows what's in store.

At the Donard long distance race Susi did in preparation for the trip, someone gave her the dubious title of the galloping granny. I'm hoping we can come up with something more disinguished. She has taken to calling me the happy medium. Or asking when I'm whiter than usual, if we have got caught up in a re-make of The Others!

On the relationship front, we've encountered some resistance. One lady announced that even if she was approached by 'Jesus Christ, fresh off the cross, (she'd) run a mile with her arthritic leg in the opposite direction' So much for love springing eternal.

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