Monday, July 19, 2010

Lots of old ruins that were beautiful and could be again

It is a balancing act coming to clear the energy of a place. I have to hope a moment arises when a person can reconnect with their sense of humour and self awareness. Then it can be totally great and funny and much appreciated. I love that part...brief though it is initially! We always go into some deep subjects about the inhabitants, flora and fauna and animals. They all bring up a serious social commentary, such as history of abuse or environmental deterioration or something. This can be a bit tiring because people want to pour over the details one more time. I don't! I want to acknowledge things and move on. It can also take its toll on one's nervous system, spending so much time in amongst chaos and trying to suggest an underlying moment of calm. Luckily going riding returns one instantaneously to full capacity!

We're really acknowledging broad social problems as much as personal ones. Its all one and the same I reckon. For example, I have witnessed recently how trapped people feel. Trapped in to their housing arrangements and limited in their financial ability to make any changes for themselves or the bigger picture. Caring for animals is the one issue we're obviously noticing most...and it doesn't really seem to go smoothly for anyone! There seems to be a shortage of one or other aspect, be it knowledge, having time, strength, routine, money, veterinary care, farriers, dentists, healing, interest, love, grooming, exercise, training, turn out, nutrition, water, supplements. If we can pay attention to all these things, then humanity'll get on a roll, I'm sure of it. I'm also learning how to bring up difficult topics honestly, without emotional charge and without judgement. So this trip has already shifted a fear of causing argy bargy (that's a technical term!) and we're still on speaking terms with everyone. Susi pointed out though that we have caused a whirlwind wherever we go. We seem to be literally blown in to places and out of them again. She has turned into a ninja since i last wrote. You never hear her cross the floor and she's the only one with enough spring to get up to the mezzanine level in the lorry. Past life training no doubt.

In the clearings, embedded memories are being relieved of the families, animals, houses, fields and surrounding areas. All sorts of amazing things fall into place and take shape ... over the next few lifetimes ... I mean, hopefully sooner like over the next few weeks and months! Some animals may pass on naturally, some will get better. People seem to have lots of wonderful open communication with each other at last and adventures abound. I'm trying to wait for my body and mind to process all the information I pick up, before writing the days’ account, but I am trying to write something every day so there is a continuity to the trip. So I apologize when I'm off on an incomprehensible tangent! Wishing you all much love and clarity x

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