Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day five: The first quiz

Thanks to good friend Alan Keiskin who did the questions. One table lost the will to live, they were so obscure! One complimented us and said they were frequent quiz goers and the questions were top notch and a third were pleasantly surprised and had inadvertently known all the answers and won the prize. We made €271.71 and handed it straight over to the IHWT - irish horse welfare trust. People were so generous, even with the raffle for which we had rather meagre prizes. It felt good to make some money for someone. We were expecting 3 people and got 6 teams!

At last we have beds and a hot shower and breakfast served in the morning. We can't wait. Susi's delirious from driving the lorry for 3 hours and then having to score the quiz. I keep wishing Ivan was here to double check Windy. He rubbed his back leg in the lorry. The horses are up in the yard with Moscow Flyer and some other distinguished retired race horses. We are down in the Woodenbridge Hotel. They gave us 4 bottles of wine to give the winning team and this lovely room for 2 nights.

The Trust have lent us their jeep to get up and down. I have a full day of clearing tomorrow and Susi has work all day there also, tidying up the foals and other rescued animals. I have already done some healing with two horses recovered from that guy who just got sentenced to two years. I felt pretty unwell afterwards but was bound to as that was a long bleak situation.

The last photos were of Michael Lecombre and their classic place in Laois. These ones are of Mag's yurt in beautiful Kildare.

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