Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 18 - Gratitude and perseverance

There are so many people to thank already for their generosity, welcome and support.

Firstly sponsorhip to get going!
Thanks to Ivan Powell and Sinead Keaskin at the Kilkenny Academy of Dance for getting us on the road.

Emotional Support
Maximum love and appreciation to Michael Rice and Mags Denmeade for ringing in at crucial moments when I was losing the will to go on and making me see the funny and sunny side of things, respectively!

No foot no horse
Thanks to James Carroll, fantastic farrier, for getting Windy's hooves back to symmetry over the last couple of years. Also for pre-shaping a 2nd set of shoes for the trip and pins for slippery terrain - a very generous donation. Don't even get me started on Ivan for helping me keep Windy in one piece, James and Kate Powell for the lovely grazing and slopes for practicing our cross country canter on. Much appreciation to Lady Jane Alexander for casting her expert iridology eye over Rosie and Windy yesterday. There was not a stress line in sight. It was unheard of, she said, to find an eye so clear! All their organs are in perfect order. On her advice, we've got cortaflex for them both now to boost the joints in their hind quarters. We have had some gorgeous rides around these village roads.

Home away from home
Lots of love and gratitude to everyone who has invited us to stay. Its been amazing. We're also looking forward to meeting everyone at the Sligo Riding Club tomorrow. In the hope of donations and also because I always do, we will be clearing all the horses we meet. I hear there will also be a beloved great dane. The next day we'll hopefully get to brilliant Sophia in Westport. She has got us official authorization to fundraise all day Saturday in the carpark at the foot of Crogh Patrick...this might seem like a remote spot but there are to be 20,000 people there this weekend for a pilgrimage. We just might do well...or find God..or both!

Thanks to Redmills for 4 bags of Simply Natural, thanks to Thoroughbred Remedies for the little treats for the next quiz, fly fringes, pens etc. Thanks for the great books as well. The Book Thief is turning out to be interesting. But there better be a happy ending! Thanks to KSPCA's Anton too for the lend of the video camera. I must look up the generous camera shop who provided it too.


  1. Hi there, Rocket here, I am the cat you helped recently and I am much happier, I just wanted you the very best helping all my friends:)

  2. And this is my picture sorry it didn't show last time:)