Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day Three: The move

It was a huge relief to get to Allenwood. We had paused to do a little fundraising at Kildare Village and found Windy really tired in the back of the lorry. We didn't bother getting out obviously then and I travelled in the horse's quarters for the rest of the journey.

I realized that Rosie still associated the lorry with going racing and all in all there was still some clearing to do for the lorry! I got on with that while hanging on to the partition.

We are staying on the Grand Canal, from cowboy country to the Siberian Steps - as we spent the evening in Mag's wonderful yurt. Lattice walls and arched doors and low seats, its an epic creation and no sign of a house for miles.

Susi reminded me Kildare is a particularly challenged county, environment-wise. Its got tin mines and quarries and the turf cutting. The earth is effectively left wide open here and there's a lot of ravagement. So that'll be our clearing for the day. A heal the earth day. Clearing Laois fully yesterday almost killed us off so we're trying to pace ourselves. We're getting better and better at letting things go.

Windy is back to full spirit now he's back on terra firma. . . not sure how that's spelt but not solid ground is the thing.

Sorry about last night's 'Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy' comment if you read it. It was a slightly amusing caption on a poster I thought, especially for a rescue centre.
Off fundraising in Naas and Newbridge today. I wonder how that'll go.

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