Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day Four: The Grand Canal, Naas, Edenderry, New York, Athens and the Camino Walk through the Pyrennes

We stayed with Mag McCormack of Kinelagh, Kildare / Offaly border who is an energy clearer too. We spent the day exploring places near and far. The worst scene she'd ever happened upon was lions in the centre of Athens in a tiny concrete pen. The best place to spend time was identified as New York - lucky we can astral travel as well as go in person!

We hit on the idea of going collecting in Naas but we found that lots of other people had had this idea as well - people hoping to sign you up for Concern (which I luckily already am) and the Lung Foundation too. We raised not a cent and after a little while we took a coffee break.

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