Thursday, December 12, 2019

Vote The Conservative Party Out Today, UK

Voting Day

Last chance, UK, for tolerance, democracy, ethics, conservation, inclusion, prosperity....please VOTE. I went to England twice to canvas for the Liberal Democrats. Good people, sound policy. Can find their way back from the UK's billion pound weapons deals, providing the slaughtering machines and ammo for Saudi Arabia and Israel. Or aren't there enough dead children in Gaza and the Yemen yet to make a move? They can find their way back from funding a new Trident nuclear submarine of UK's own. We don't want to use that, we'll never want it used or to annoy even another, more trigger happy country, of which there are many. 

Security is not provided by military force, it's generated through peace and wellbeing. Well being isn't created by good technology, fast internet speeds...That is a con. The great wealth is your health and that brings me to food. You don't want those factory farms that are coming thick and fast to the UK and getting planning permission. There's lots of vegetarians and vegans in Labour too who will make better decisions for farming, with the future in mind. Both Lib Dem or Labour can find their way back from the devastating division of Brexit. You don't want to miss this chance!

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

My Story : Frances Micklem of Healing by Franc

Franc Micklem was born in England with an English father and Irish mother. Educated at Queen's University Belfast, she got a First in Philosophy (Maths) and Scholastic Philosophy (Theology) She was told by her professor that she could achieve something special through her powers of independent thought and lightness of touch with complex subjects.

This took tangible form through four years in Social Work, running a resettlement project for homeless and people with dementia for which she received many accolades.

Living full time in Kilkenny for the last 20 years, her work led her initially to run Foulksrath Castle in Kilkenny and explore the history and legends. This interest in old sites and introducing thousands of visitors to the links between traditional symbols and their resurgence in present day Irish Architecture brought her to build a sacred geometric house designed by leading eco-architect Michael Rice. This space has enabled her distant healing work to take place for clients all over the world.

She says 'I am fortunate to have a house that acts as a doorway to all spaces for all people. I can create a lamina flow (a turbulence free path) through the darkest of regions and difficult of households from here.'

Franc also holds a Pianist's Performance Diploma from the Royal Victoria College of Music in London and has played for the Kilkenny Academy of Dance ballet school as well as recitals at The East Anglia Festival.

She says of her work. Healing is an interesting path towards identifying what information you're meetiing with in others and in the environment. To help me distinguish what's happening and causing problems I stay very healthy myself. Using the training and study of Hsingi Kung Fu I work with many new ways of channelling energy and transmuting elements, like traces of metals and water, trapped in the body. I also ride my dressage horse nearly every day.

When people book a healing for themselves, home or animals I initially use the energy clearing method. The pendulum can guide to the heart of the matter and the dowsing rod can show how close you are coming to resolution!

Perfect Pitch - Harmony Hall's Piano tuned to 432 hertz

2018 celebrated Harmony Hall taking back the heart frequency. The piano was tuned down to 432 hertz and I recommend you do the same if you have a piano in the house … and don’t take no for an answer. 

We have been held in a state of discord. In 1918, it was decided that all musical instruments should be tuned to 440 hertz, slightly harsher than the 432 – the numerical structure of reality itself: A tuning so resonant that if you are ill, you will be better, if things have got hostile they will be brought back to harmony.
Music was weaponized in this way 100 years ago, to create a schism in our energy fields, an opening for mind control and emotional influence. However hard musicians tried, they were not able to create harmony but something just off -maintaining a level of discomfort and unconscious conflict. 
Remedying this and bringing people and situations back into resonance are now central to our healing capacity. 
Maybe we can help you with healing or maybe you’d like to hear a Chopin Nocturne in C Sharp Minor – another significant frequency, 273 hertz - or play and enjoy yourself. 
vegan accomodation
Art currently displayed at Harmony Hall & The Kitchen CafĂ© in Bray 

Book & Limited Edition of Angel Cards 

Music and Energy Clearing Classes in Kilkenny

1. Piano Lessons 
For those who would love their children to discover the joy of music or their own voice. Children can start as young as six although many people start much later to fulfil a long-held dream to play. Learning is guaranteed great fun right from the start. Lessons are held on the Kilkenny Carlow border, at Harmony Hall near Paulstown and can be arranged around school, work and weekend schedules. Contact

2. Art and Art Classes 

3. Vegan Transition Workshops 
More information on request

4. B&B Accommodation 
Top class organic fare and a great holiday atmosphere

5. Have past energy and geopathic stress cleared from your home. 
Distance healing is facilitated by the geometry, which acts as a blueprint for other places. Subatomic particles of light bilocate instantly to impact bioenergetic fields miles apart. Frances Micklem has 18 years' experience sending these biophotons; healing energy sent via focused intention, clarity, consciousness and compassion.

6. Come in person to heal, finish your thesis or rehearse. 
A range of residences are on offer from Bed and Breakfast to fully catered workshops on the principles of healing and supported retreat. Frances' ability to navigate the many dimensions of life and revive the spirit and purpose of each person, allows for the realization of dreams and the correction of difficulties that might have been in place for generations. 

Testimonials for Healing By Franc

Space Clearing and Training
I first came to hear of Franc and energy clearing about a year ago. At the time I was very sceptical of what exactly it involved. All I knew was that something needed to shift for me to move forward with my life.
At the time, I was going through a hard time with anxiety and panic and I was very stuck. To leave the house, go to the shop, go to work or do every day things was a battle against fear for me. I was dependent on people, scared and didn’t know how to change my life.
The first session with Franc was to clear my house. Both my flatmate and I had often noticed how once we were in the house after work; nothing could motivate us to do anything, which included leaving the house.
After the clearing with Franc, unbelievable things happened. Our house started to feel bright and warm when we came in; We could actually relax and enjoy the surroundings of the house. Parts of the house which were previously abandoned were decorated and most exceptionally many of the triggers of my anxiety began to dissolve into thin air.
Shortly after this, I attended one of Franc’s clearing courses- to learn what exactly was involved in this method. I learned how to clear myself, others, houses, work and absolutely anything. I learned how to take this on as a way of life. Most amazingly I discovered that anything is possible through clearing, that the power to do anything was within and the only obstacle was myself...but again, these obstacles could be cleared.
Things started to move forward in my life...I let go of people I depended on. I started doing things on my own with ease. I got a completely new set of housemates and I signed up for a course in Limerick. All these things...even as ideas would have knocked me for ten a few months prior. Now I could see they were possible and that I could actually do these things. I think it was safe to say at this stage that my life had moved forward; my fears were diminishing and my confidence growing. I left behind many ways of thinking, beliefs and attitudes and began creating things in my life.
I am now a different person to when I first heard of Franc and energy clearing. My life is more tranquil; the chaos has been removed and I am learning to become an absolute expression of who I am. Clearing has helped me to remove beliefs, attitudes and drama from my life. I now stay calm in situations that would previously shake me. I observe the drama in life 100% more rather than getting wound up in the middle of it. I have also been able to help my family, friends and animals with clearing.
The first time I had the house cleared marked a transformational time in my life. Franc has made a huge impact on my life in introducing me to energy clearing and has been an absolute rock of support when I take a tumble. Franc’s unbelievable natural compassion makes the journey ten times easier. I would absolutely recommend a session with Franc to anyone for any reason, no matter how big or small, the benefits are infinite.
We asked Franc to come into the office to do space clearing, this took three visits over the space of 5-6 weeks. During Franc’s session with us, she helped us to identify dynamics in office. Each of us spent time with Franc individually. During this time Franc spoke to us about the stress in the office and personal problems that may also effect our work and how to release this stress and helped to clear our personal space.
Franc made us realise that our stress in the office was actually being shifted from our clients to us and how to deal with this in a less stressful manner.
It is difficult to describe the many effects Franc’s space clearing had on our office and accountancy business. The most immediate was that the sessions energized all the staff, raising confidence in our roles in the company. Productivity noticeably increased as did commitment and interest in the work.
The clearing also worked wonders on office management problems that had seemed permanent. Since the clearing, there seems to be half as many difficult clients if any at all and an all round improvement in the atmosphere and daily running of the company.
A clearing session with Franc puts you back in touch with your sense of humour and your power to be generous and proactive in a difficult situation, as opposed to just being in reaction.
When I received my first personal clearing it was with some scepticism but from that first time I have not looked back: with improvements in confidence, lessening of anxiety, release of many fears and phobias and destructive thought patterns. Also I have a greater awareness of and connection with nature and all living things.
Franc certainly has a way with animals. Our horse had been beaten before we got him and even years on he’s been hard enough to handle. I have never seen him as quiet, easy and trusting as he is now.
Monthly Dinner/talks
I would be quite surprised if you don’t see us again, as we took away so much from the last wonderful evening.

Harmony Hall Sacred Geometry HQ Directions

Frances Micklem
Working around Ireland and England throughout the year.
Harmony Hall
County Kilkenny
R95 NY03
How to Book 
You can use the Paypal button below to send me the agreed payment.

Directions from Dublin
Take the M9 (towards Waterford) and come off at Junction 7 Paulstown.
At the roundabout turn right, onto the old Kilkenny Road (712)
After 1km you will go under a railway bridge
Take the next turning right (signposted Castlecomer)
Go straight for 4kms ( passing through two small crossroads)
Harmony Hall is the third house on the left, tucked down off the road with red windows and door.
From Kilkenny
Take the N10 towards Carlow and Dublin
Go past Paddy’s Pub
3rd turning left after Paddy’s (signposted ‘Castlecomer 20’)
Go straight for 4kms ( passing through two small crossroads)
Harmony Hall is the third house on the left, tucked down off the road with red windows and door.
From Castlecomer
Leaving Castlecomer on the Athy/Dublin Road
Cross the bridge at the end of Castlecomer’s high street.
Take the next right (signposted ‘Coan’ and ‘Paulstown’)
Go straight for 10km (passing through all crossroads)
Come to a Y fork in the road, go right.
Harmony Hall is immediately on the right, after the fork.
From Athy
Follow the N78 towards Castlecomer
0.5kms before Castlecomer there is a large rock carved with ‘Welcome to Castlecomer’
Take the next left (signposted ‘Coan’ and ‘Paulstown’)
Go straight for 10km ( passing through all crossroads)
Come to a Y fork in the road, go right.
Harmony Hall is immediately on the right, after the fork.

Case Studies: Energy Clearing

Case Studies -
Work carried out with individuals, homes, businesses and residentials 
Practitioners including a GP, hospital doctors and nurses, kinesiologists, reiki, acupuncturists, massage therapists and 3 fully staffed spas. In addition to the stress or symptoms people presented, a major amount of pain, fear and personal information was passing through their energetic fields daily. 
Taught a simple daily process of clearing themselves and the treatment rooms and ensuring they were clear. Developed their abilities to perceive subtle energies emanating from others and not identify with them. Healing included building self regard and practices to put themselves into their schedule of who will receive their energy on any given day. 
Personal Fear 
Woman in her 30s facing her driving test for the fourth time. She was incapacitated by the inevitability of failing it again and thought she was not equipped to deal with the fear that arose in exams. She said that was just what she was like and it would always limit her success. 
We cleared the emotional charge around her first related memories and released their hold on her as a strong trigger. After one session, she passed her exam and her confidence also grew in other areas. 
Woman in her 20s having panic attacks, working at a full time job where they wanted to give her more responsibility and promotion. Doing advanced accountancy exams in the evenings. 
Identified a harsh emotional climate at work, related to abuse and environmental factors including industrial machinery. Over the course of a year, raised awareness of family parallels and how to clear the impact of the past and ongoing negativity. Held a space of clarity and competence, from a distance, on the day of each exam. Synchronicity increased incrementally and her speciality questions came up and miraculously whole areas that she felt weak in were not even on the exam paper. She realized how consistently we create our own reality. Supported her successful transition to self employment. 
A married man in his 30s was wracked with guilt having been unfaithful. His wife had forgiven him and understood the circumstances but he could not forgive himself. Identified that guilt is an ongoing judgement that takes the good out of all experience even before anyone has done anything concrete to warrant it. By releasing attachments to old ideas about who he was and how he had betrayed and alienated himself from that sense of self, he was reconnected with his own authenticity and integrity. 
An estranged couple with 2 small children in an old house with some strange sounds day and night. Cleared the spiritual disturbance. Released the couple’s individual relationship history. The husband had already been married once but not been able to relate to his wife when the children came along. The same pattern of isolation and conflict was happening with his new young family. The outcome was the couple are happy to share a room again and several unprecedented family outings had gone well. 
Space Clearing 
Three houses in Laois with problematic poltergeist and other spiritual disturbances. 
Houses in every county with geopathic stress - gamma radiation, microwave energy, and eletromagnetic stress. 
Farms and homes with underground water, stagnating the land and in some cases causing depression and or bankruptcy. 
Accountants, Refuges, Car Dealerships and many other businesses cleared to achieve better productivity and conflict resolution and team building for staff.