Monday, November 11, 2019

Puppy Farm License...Then 2.5 Tonnes of Dead Animals

Well said. 2.5 tonnes of dead animals taken away and oh, wow, the council won't release the just-previous inspection report which the Myshall puppy farm passed with flying colours and were awarded their license renewal no problem. 

But it's not Carlow is it really? it's everywhere and Carlow Kilkenny are in bed together when it comes to the Dog Shelter and the dog wardens. And it's not the council is it really? it's the two or three dog wardens from the Carlow Kilkenny Dog Pound, who do those inspections. They are either not being allowed on to the sites, or don't give a damn, or are being bribed. Or quite probably all three. 

When Kilkenny Council were giving the massive public contract to run the Carlow Kilkenny dog pound, to the carcass company, trading as ACS-Four Seasons, Carlow Councillors knew nothing (even though Carlow Council pays a couple of hundred thousand towards the pound annually) about it and were appalled. 

This tenderer was recommended whole heartedly by the Kilkenny County vet, so obviously there's money in rounding up the strays and putting them to sleep, without passing go, let alone recovery or rehoming options. 

Still, one of the dog wardens jobs are these inspections and it might be them we need to ask for those inspection reports. They are not animal lovers, they are guard dog trainers which people might or might not find appropriate for a dog shelter. 

That inspection procedure should be way more accessible for scrutiny. Maybe Carlow Council could first release a blank inspection report for us to consider. Then, instead of looking back and blaming, we could look forward to a more robust system with whatever extraordinary loopholes there were taken out! 

I also heard (from one of the dog wardens) there are about 300 puppy farms between carlow and enniscorthy, it's a black spot and so those inspectors are busy too if they are trying to find these places.

The only solution is shut down all puppy farms. They're all God-forsaken hell holes and there are enough dogs already to care for.

Anyway, well done to People Before Profit's Adrienne Wallage for the motion to stop it happening again. 

This is a topic close to my heart! I would also take on the job of finding these farms if it could be funded and I guarantee, unlike the current inspectors, my heart would be in it. I would leave no stone unturned!!!

Monday, October 28, 2019

New vaccination scheme masquerading as 'animal health programme'

Janusz Wojciechowski is to be the European new Agriculture Minister
So we need to start writing to him to explain where we're at in Ireland and what we really need European funding for.

We really need a system change.

There has been a 10 million euro allocation for a new vaccination scheme is allocated under ‘animal health’ but is only in reality a European grant to pharmaceutical companies  - The 20 euro per vaccinated calf will only be recoverable after payment. It is to the ‘discretion’ of the pharmaceutical producer no doubt how much they will charge and the scheme will  not cover all the costs and will definitely not be charged at any lower than the max €20 euro they’ll know is available.

It is thought that the vaccine will not need to be administered by a vet, another huge expense to farmers, but the farmers themselves will be able to inject their herds. But they could easily change their minds on that.

A vaccination will only cover one or two strains and will not reduce risk of contracting pneumonia. The more obvious reason why dairy calves suffer so regularly from pneumonia is that they are separated from their mothers before receiving the cholostrum needed to develop their own immune systems. It would be much better to change the system to stop them being taken from their mothers at birth. The next place of risk is the overcrowding in cold barns with countless other vulnerable, if not ill already, calves. Export for veal should be stopped as both the travel and then isolated, unnatural keep of calves increases the risk of pneumonia.

As a farmer, I disagree that vaccination improves the health of calves. I also question why we would go to the manufacturers of anti-biotics to ask them for a preventative measure against pneumonia. They are corporate entities benefiting their share holders from the sale of endless rounds of antibiotics when pneumonia takes hold and now they are being promised 10 million to provide a vaccination against that same income stream. As calves are only kept for a matter of months, we can be sure that the long term effects of animal vaccinations living on in trace elements in the meat for human consumption are never known. 

We should be pushing for a system change where organic standards of care are offered, a better price given for high welfare traceability and practices that eliminate the need for veterinary and chemical support are funded. 

In the same edition, I see that Kepak are going to be penalizing farmers for animals that come in at weights outside their randomly-decided remit. Surely, this should not be allowed when all the meat plants have such high incident rates of  non compliance, price-setting and weighing machines at factories that are operating well outside the tolerance level of inaccuracy. How can the meat plants be allowed to decide how few animals they will accept at one time from a farmer and then be allowed to penalize them for going out side the finishing weight that they want to receive them at. I noticed that there will be a new weighing scheme for dairy calf to beef weighing. I suggest that farmers could put that 10 euro per head  for each 1-2 year old calf weighed on their farms to better use. Will we be allowed to weigh them ourselves and who will those weights be submitted to and why?

Everything in animal agriculture, at the moment, from care, to finance, to good practice, to cost, to quality of life, to welfare, to licenses, to cut backs, environmental measures etc is the responsibility of the farmers and meanwhile the meat bosses share the table at the Bord Bia awards, make deals for thousands of tonnes of beef abroad and command profits of over a billion annually  and the European Union is clearly being wined and dined by the agri chemical and pharmaceutical industries and organizing that all schemes and grants directly and only benefit them. 

Friday, October 18, 2019

TD Josepha Madigan HAS LIFTED the ban on senseless hare capture

Pippa Hackett for the Green Party pointed out:

“Minister Madigan has an abysmal record on wildlife protection, and this decision is a total abuse of power and a reckless act of wildlife vandalism. She is pandering to a minority group of people and amoral backbenchers that support this cruel activity, and it’s risking the increased spread of this fatal disease.

I wrote:
Dear Josepha,
I don't know what pressure you are under or from who but if you don't reinstate that ban on hare netting...hares being the national emblem of Ireland and endangered and horribly kept and tortured in coursing, you are literally licking the *****of the hare coursers. 

I have demonstrated outside the championships in Clonmel 4 years in a row. I can safely confirm that that is something you do not want to do. The men are gross, cold, ignorant and indifferent. Or should I say attached to their violent viewing.

 There are a few women who show up too, but they just don't want to be hated. This, I understand. But in your position, where you can make a change for the better and you started the ball rolling.

 I ask you to make up whatever pretext you need to protect the hares. Or just keep the threat of imminent extinction going as a reason to keep the ban on netting hares going. They have never done anything to you. To anyone.  

Every other country has banned it. 

The greyhound cruelty has even at last been highlighted in Ireland. Oh yes and some of the public don't like the hare torture, Is that what you want to mention at the pearly gates? That you didn't care? That you didn't respond to public opinion? That you had every back up?

 The RTE have exploded the situation.

You know there's a fatal disease. Why would you let  the ban go now? You have a chance to enforce something that has needed, cried out for and required someone to deal with it for years.

 The disease is spread by the empathy-free conditions of the cages the lads put them in. And yes it is only men. I would love to hear if there are any girls out there 'lamping': Petrifying and killing rabbits and hares.. I really doubt it.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Did you get the memo?

Is it six months since Kilkenny County Council declared a climate change and biodiversity loss emergency and unanimously agreed it? No one else in the council seems to have heard about it!

Dear Councillors,

Is it possible that following the unanimous agreement to declare a climate change and biodiversity loss emergency,  that there was not even an internal memo sent to the council’s own departments to put any sort of focus on this?

I would like to raise three specific instances and requests. Firstly,  council workers are still spraying pesticides and herbicides on hedgerows…formerly known and recently accepted as being important as habitat. Outside my own home, in the middle of absolutely nowhere, I found a group of council workers strimming. They said that it was for safety around the junction. The junction was over 200 metres away.  They agreed that it would in no way help with seeing around the corner, even if they strimmed right up to the corner. They agreed to put my sign up as much more useful. I asked them had they heard the the council had declared the environmental emergency and they had not. They said they were still doing a lot of spraying too.  All those sprays are poisonous to wildlife, I thought you understood that now. And poisonous to our food.

Secondly, in regard to poisoning our food. I ask Kilkenny County Council to make a request to government to halt the new VAT of 23% they are threatening to put on Health Food Supplements on November 1st. In case some in the council don’t know, Kilkenny City supports 4 extremely good health food shops, which basically supply natural and chemical-free food and plant extracts to support the immune system. We are talking about the trace minerals and vitamins that our lifestyles and food no longer provide and also boosts for people who are vulnerable or under physical pressure, like in training or during pregnancy. 

To derive good quality products requires diligence at every stage of the supply chain. Everyone knows that producing high quality, organic small-scale plants and remedies takes skill, time and more money than mass-produced convenience foods. Instead of supporting health food shops, their suppliers and customers, the government is recommending that people over 65 or pregnant get a flu vaccine.  Our complex and brilliant immune systems can fight any bacteria, virus or fungal infection, if people are given affordable access to health supplements and education on their diets – to reduce sugar as it blocks the absorption of vitamin C for example. Please make a collective statement to the government to stop this VAT, which will make them unviable, unsustainable, unprofitable, intolerable and consequently shut them all down and compromise public health still further.

Thirdly, the council have not told the local department of agriculture office about the emergency or an adaptation plan or even to include it in their assessments of new farms, planning permissions, licenses or herd numbers. I have just had my inspection by the local Department of Agriculture and been approved to become a farmer and been awarded a herd number. The inspection was carried out by two senior, County Vets. They checked that automatic water was available and that the fencing was secure. We talked about the 5 freedoms that should be afforded to farm animals and they were amused to hear me mention them. The one improvement they remembered was that sows are no longer tethered in their crates. One stood up for the use of concrete and steel as the best way to avoid infection. I showed them my organic growing space and descrbed why I feed organic pig nuts; so that the manure they produce can be used on the land to feed the soil. I showed my rainwater conservation measures and the re-wilding of my garden and turning it to mainly native and edible fruit and nut trees and shrubs. I asked them what had they added to their farm inspection criteria to support biodiversity recovery  and address the climate emergency. That is when they said they had not heard of the council’s declaration back in April.  Not one thing. 

Please send that memo out. It can say simply:
There is to be no more spraying of pesticides or other chemical use. 
Budget and time spent previously on that can be used pulling ragwort and other notifiable and noxious weeds all over council land and verges and planting in their stead, willow coppicing plantations or fruit/nut trees or wild flowers. Bare root planting starts now and spring bulb planting starts now (autum). Let’s seize the moment and show the birds and the bees that we’ve got some cop on.

There is to be a clear and public veto of the natural health supplements VAT  from Kilkenny County Council, on behalf of its people and demonstrating awareness that will support every county in following suit and the government re-thinking its proposal.

There is to be a clear change of direction in Agriculture, with a focus on quality of life for workers, animals, wildlife and land. Inspections could involve a simple survey of soil quality, water quality, responsible animal ownership and supports offered for organic standards of practice, produce and welfare.

I am not even sure if you have got the adaptation plan totally worked out, these things take time I understand. But get each draft out to each department for consideration and additions. Don’t wait until everything and everyone is dead or wishes it was dead through ill health, intolerable conditions or toxic breakdown…and that goes for people and animals.

Many thanks and kind regards,

Frances Micklem
Harmony Hall Think Tank
Co. Kilkenny

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

World Wide Fast Against Slaughter

Please make a stand for the animals, like Gandhi did, refusing to take food himself until the government acknowledged the plight that he was highlighting. Again it's on the 2nd October. I've been doing it for a number of years. And we want to stop all slaughter - the clue is in the word. Do you want to get to the pearly gates and explain how you were a part of it?

It's not that pigs are not fully gassed, before they're processed (chopped up, to you and I). It's not that the cows are fully conscious while they are hung upside down to be processed (throat cut, for you and I). It's not just the live export where all farm animals are transported (crammed in a trailer against their will and in a panic) for days without food or water.

It's not that calves are killed on arrival so their milk can be milked from their mothers and  distributed to human food and to coat human medicines. It is not that chickens are slaughtered in their millions and over a million die in transport each year. It is not that male chicks are either put through a mincer, via a conveyor belt alive and a few days old or the belt takes them straight into in bags that once full are tied up to gradually asphyxiate the birds.

 It is not that factories and meat plants are ripping off farmers, are non compliant to food safety, are shafting their workers, are non-compliant to basic welfare or humane slaughter legal requirements. It is not that all the animals are killed in front of each other in a terrifying procession of screaming and pain. It is not that some people want everyone to go vegan or stop eating meat and you don't have to answer to them.

I am asking if you yourself are okay with all this stuff that is happening to animals under the glib heading of necessity for food or they're only animals, they don't know or I can do what I want, eat what I want. My mother used to say 'don't care was made to care'. If you can't stop yourself eating convenience, cheap foods that exploited animals right here and people in other countries then you're going to get some hideous disease and then you'll have to care.

You'll be advised by a doctor to give up meat, avoid sugar and make sure nothing with chemicals further toxifies your body. The same doctor will give you a sugary sweet after chemo. The same doctor will prescribe you drugs (which are formally labelled chemicals), pills coated with another carcinogen casein from milk and those prescriptions will render your own immune system capable of nothing.

 Why wait and ask the very people who want you sick and dependent to help? Merck in Carlow want €5,000 per injection of throat cancer treatment. The government say 'Thanks Merck for coming to Ireland and you can be tax free for 12 years or whatever' In the same breath, the government has decided to tax and vat natural food supplements by 30% come November. (Probably putting the only ethical shops we have - health food shops - out of business. So if you wanted to boost your immune system or thyroid function or lower your cholesterol and aid your digestion with time-honoured tinctures and drinks from organically grown and hand prepared herbs, you soon won't be able to afford to do so.

Same goes for extinction rebellion. Surely there's no point trying to force Daddy, I mean the government and big industry to stop destroying the planet when they are the very ones doing it. And be careful what we wish for. One of Irish governments first big statements was to say that only electric cars be allowed by 2030 or whenever...I only know one rural person who has been able to afford an electric car so far. What are we all going to do? Illegal to drive our old cars, no way to get around. Doesn't it look like they want us to move into cities? Give up the food independence we have?

Doesn't it look like they want us to think smart cities are a great idea. Smart? A wilful misuse of energetic frequency is being perpetuated. Every watch and card will mean we're tagged and accounted for: Rolling out 5G with well-documented health consequences: Ravaging new quarries and children in different areas to source magnets and minerals for batteries and computer parts. Isn't it dodgy that extinction rebellion was started by two people from a telecommunications commercial enterprise. We are being manipulated. We need to do our own thing, our land can support us sustainably.
Petapixel's photo of wifi signals caught by long wave camera outside building .

Greta Thunberg herself is being manipulated. Of course she is innocent but consider the country she comes from. Sweden is one of the most controlled countries in the world. She is only talking about the bit, the powers that be want her to talk about. Children can't make anyone do anything. They're not even allowed to go out in the evening or drink a beer, let alone vote. They can learn how to grow, prepare and share though.

They can't even appeal to the better nature of companies or government. Government doesn't have a better nature. And children are not shareholders, they're collateral.

Collateral noun: "Something pledged as security for repayment of a loan, to be forfeited in the event of a default."
Collateral adjective: "additional but subordinate; secondary".

 It is only us, the responsible, capable adults who can really inform ourselves and be discerning in our actions. Not be fed a story. Why would you listen to Greta Thunberg but not DavidIke who has been investigating climate change and what has been unfolding for decades. Why is no one talking about geo-engineering. This is the only deliberate, climate affecting practice that we can actually see for ourselves, in streaks and more streaks across the sky and the soil and air degradation and pollution measured. Why aren't people asking for that to be stopped? 

David Icke Picture on Twitter

“If you want to change society in ways that you wouldn’t normally have an excuse to do then you find an excuse, it’s a technique of mass perceptual manipulation that I gave a name to a long long time ago. 
“‘Problem, reaction, solution’ – at stage one you create a problem, real or manufactured, you blame someone else or something else for it
“At stage 2 You want a reaction. You want a reaction from the public that is either A. do something or B. not against it strongly enough to say you mustn’t do it.
“And step number three is then offering the solution openly to the problems that you have either covertly created or lied about.
David Icke

So, I suggest plant your winter beans and detox your family of excess electro magnetic charge and wifi signals at night and organic raw foods by day to make it strong and recover the clarity to deal with what is actually happening. 

This detox for me has been the best prep ever for my fast tomorrow. Endless fruit and my own hazelnuts, homemade Ferrero Rocher, organic strawberry cheese cake (vegan raw obviously so sunflower seeds rather than cheese) and many organic pulses - mung beans and what I gather is most important, getting into the flow. 4 hours dancing totally did it, following the salsa leads at the Teachers Club and then learning new patterns and spin technique later in the Mezzo at Temple Bar. 

Monday, September 30, 2019

Piano Lessons Kilkenny

Is there anybody out there who would love their children to discover the joy of music or their own voice? Children can come as young as six although many people start much later to fulfil a long-held dream to play!! Learning is guaranteed great fun right from the start. Lessons are held on the Kilkenny Carlow border, at Harmony Hall near Paulstown and can be arranged around school, work and weekend schedules.

And if you're wondering if I can play:

This is a clip of me playing Chopin's Nocturne in C Sharp Minor

For lessons, email or ring 083 144 3978 And if you're wondering about how to tune your piano and the special 432 hertz tuning of the piano here at Harmony Hall Creativity and Sustainability Hub, then see For piano tuning in this sunny south east, call Michael Black on 087 272 4949. 

I started a Facebook page Piano Lessons Kilkenny only a fortnight ago and somehow it has worked as a promotional tool. I have 9 students a week now, all learning classic pieces and my two originals taking their second exam in November.

There are too many highlights to mention, including hearing Heart and Soul played and sung to rhythmic perfection: Hearing first songs learnt by memory and ready to play at any passing piano. Some like to start at the beginning but others have something in mind they have always wanted to play. For me it was Clementi.

Now my other favourite song to play is Love by John Lennon & Yoko Ono


Sunday, September 22, 2019

Mangalitsa - the beautiful curly haired pigs

Here are the lovely pigs safe and it's not often you can say that! See it on my Facebook page either as that link isn't even working for me!

The first I heard of them, they were described as juvenile but friendly and I said to myself well, aren't we all? But up at Sheerans that was not thought of as good enough excuse for hanging around the pub all day! Thank goodness for Mary who is, like myself, a keen horticulturalist and animal lover at the same time.

There ensued an effort to find the original owner and slap them about a bit for neglecting them for their short, so-far lives. You would guess they had never seen daylight before that day's escapade.

All the authorities, people with herd numbers, local farmers and the gardai were called and ruled out and then a home could be sought.

Poor little guys but courageous too and they've won their freedom and a long happy life!

Why Do Councils Delight In The Death of Horses?

'It's a waste of animals' lives': A new film looks at why 2,000 horses are killed by Irish councils every year

Is it possible that while investigating the situation, they didn't spot it's not a waste of life at all for one party, it's direct exploitation; someone is cashing in on the collection of loose horses and their 'disposal' for councils and then again will get a good price at the carcass stage too. 

The ACS are the carcass collection company who are the firm who have the major national contracts for 'horse control' and who the guardai call at first sight of a loose horse. At 950 euro of tax-payers' money a pop, for coming out to collect each horse - a figure that every other rescue or even horse owner could work miracles with - they just keep that. 

The ACS registered business address is in Riga, Latvia - home of the biggest animal body parts factory in Europe and is a handy destination for the slaughtered horses too. They don't have to take them to a factory to be killed in Ireland first, the not even slightly glorified knackers lorry drivers carry a gun. That way, they can save time and money and the horse can already be considered a 'fallen animal' and they well get more public funding and a thank you from the councils, for disposing of the bodies.

Then of course there is an explicit policy by councils now, which we are all upset about (especially when councils came down so heavily on no-kill pet shelters and threatened not to give them their measly 5-20k a year support, if shelters didn't agree to kill animals not re-homed in 6 weeks) So the councils' policy is to NOT look for owners, re-home or keep horses in a pound even over night, so old or new owners could be found. This is literally not only 'a license to kill' but incentivised killing and big, big business. The article says that horses are kept five days in a pound and release fee is 700 plus more each day held. I know for definite of horses, microchipped, not on the road, had owners, who had passports and several of the horses were in foal were seized and were dead within the few hours, the owners were granted the right to check them and arrange for them to be brought home.

The moral of the story is, next time you see a horse out - don't call the guards, try and usher him or her in somewhere safe and call a rescue like my lovely horse or post a photo here and somebody good and decent and competent will respond....very different from the council, guards and ACS classic combo.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Halal - disapproval letter to copy and sent

The announcement that Irish schools were providing halal-approved school dinners has stepped up the urgency for the department to act and ban the halal slaughter methods. 

I hope they'ree teaching the young on how that means slaughtered in noncompliance to Irish Laws. I hope they are told that it means animals are slaughtered without stunning and being left to bleed out for however long it takes. In fact we know, that some animals are still conscious and fighting for their lives as the first cuts of meat are removed. 

Yes, for it to be Halal-approved, 'the animal must NOT be unconscious'
Also, the word Allah, meaning God, must be pronounced at the time of slaughter. 
Let's guess which of these the meat factories are adhering to? Cheap as chips not to stun or gas anyone before hanging them upside down and slitting their throat. 

There is RTE, proud as punch about the school dinners, all halal-approved. What are we, a bunch of ignorant sadists or whoops, we didn't know. We just thought it was a religious preference and hey, what harm. 

There is less than 1% Muslims in Ireland. We are all supposed to be eating less meat and moving away from animal agriculture and pesticides to protect the environment. Yes, the media are pressing the benefits of hale-approve hot, meat meals for children (Gougons were totally processed entrails from the meat plants are being condoned when the World Health Organisation say that the preservatives in convenience pre-prepared meats contain the highest levels of carcinogens)

The department vets must be overseeing this halal-approved slaughtering, I would like a response as to what you are going to do about it. I know that it is tolerated so far so that we can export our god-forsaken produce to Egypt - when I say 'we' again obviously I mean the meat industry. Thank God Muslims don't eat pork or they would be halal-slaughtered too. But is that how you are making your decisions now, what some random countries and religious traditions want, regardless of Ireland's laws, politics, public opinion and basic human consideration for other sentient beings. You wouldn't even bring a Catholic consideration to the trade table. While we're talking though, I am a big follower of St Francis and calling upon him right now to make sure you put a stop to Halal-Approved slaughter and the other industry cruelties you overlook.

Do you intend to let the animals suffer like this and the farmers, as I wrote to you before about and let the whole society be fed with chemical-ridden, cruelly exploited animals?

Say no to big animal agriculture, big agrichemical companies and all their produce. It's not rocket science and don't turn a blind eye discussion of school dinners debacle

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Activist Art 2018 Part 2


Helping and being helped by other artists 

2) Royal Art Academy Submission

This final showdown between the unicorn and dragon was started in response to the county dog shelter and 450,000 euro of public money being given to the knackers lorry, an animal body parts company, registered in Latvia. For more information see Dog Shelter Tender 2016.

3) Article on reverse osmosis water filtration.

4) Plant out water garden, new bed, following stone masonry 

5) Date With An Angel: Haye House Publishers open submission competition. Entered with book on conscious concepts: Life as a mirror, creating your own reality and conscious creativity. 

6) Attended Peace Talks in Oxford, with head of Oxfam.

7) Interview with Freya Lawton, author of The Peace Intention and creator of the Stillflow Healing process. Creating Calm Network - a past interview on The Peace Intention

8) HSE consultants problems for Chronic Pain patients. Advocacy submission.

9) Clearing the land

Pendulums for retreats


1) Creative Health meetings 

2) Piano lessons

3) Writing: Early Years Education Thesis

4) Exhibition and Talks planned to coincide with the Summer Solstice, creative writing group, knitters group and lifestyle/cooking group.

5) Garden-based Clearings, one-to-one

6) Painting in Milan


1) Ceramic coasters work

2) Working with other creatives

3) Continued Professional Training - Maynooth

4) Art Exhibition starting for one month, including talks and tasters of vegan cooking and nutrition


1) Submission for National Forum on working parents.

2) Article for Conscious Magazine on navigation and geometry.

3) Building the polytunnel out of what friends could find.

4) Exhibition moved. New three week programme of talks and artworks on display


5) Piano tuned to 432 hertz

6) 2 concerts: Yours truly at the Castlcomer Academy of Music. Then Wolfe Island Records artists from Canada. Video from a 2017 concert here; Chris Brown performing Superior with Kate Fenner and Suzanne Jarvie- both of which had new albums too

Photo credit: Dee Sewell
7) Designs requested from architect Michael Rice, original architect of Harmony Hall, for a greenhouse.

Just two of the amazing pages of his proposal
8) Investigated carbonated water shortage and found that they use the same gas to carbonate water as they do to gas pigs before slaughter. Them cutting back meant less unconsciousness for animals before the chop.

9) Piano Classes

10) Next Exhibition started with lots of interest in the art and the workshops run in tandem, over Kilkenny Arts Week.

11) Help from other artists again

Eclectic Interiors, Castlecomer Discovery Park

12) Canada Healing - this long-distance work might take a physicist to explain in writing. I just do it.

13) Corruption In Ireland, conference panel that toured. The information was shocking and submissions to the Dail and Transparency Ireland, as a result.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Activist Art 2018

The Tate Gallery: "The aim of the activist artist is to create art that is a form of political or social currency, actively addressing cultural power structures rather than representing them or simply describing them."

January 2018

Submission to Social Care Services: over the refusal to return foster children to their parents, even when appropriate to do so, through court hearings and years of separation caused by incentivising the keeping of the easier foster kids (the ones who are no trouble and were supposed to be just temporarily away while a relationship broke down or decent housing was found etc) and who could go home - to the tune of over €400 a week.

Submission to Irish and UK governments re animal welfare legislation: over the removal of the statement of animals’ sentience, from law.


4) Submission to Early Years International Commission: over the plan to introduce schooling from 1-3years and advertise public tenders to run these infancy and toddler units. The tender process precludes kindergartens, pedagogies and non-profit organisations from winning contracts by requiring applicants to have existing big financial contracts.  

5) Artwork

6) Analysis and sharing of the Economic Policy proposed by the Humane Party in America: A complete system change, excluding the exploitation of animals and demonstrating an inevitable and instant 1% increase in economic stability around the world. And other major benefits for the environment and public health.

7) Artwork


 1) Submission to TDs and UK MPs: regarding unnecessary and increased Animal Testing in Universities  

2) Artwork 

3) Garden Design

4) Artwork

5) First draft novel: Vegan Federation

6) Hare Coursing Demonstration posters, attendance and letter to government to ask that the licenses are revoked to capture hares every year (10,000). The wild Irish Hare is a national emblem and registered an endangered species. They are kept in boxes for months before the coursing championships where two dogs are set on a hare on a race track. Banned in every country but Ireland as barbaric. 2019 saw the revoking of licenses at last. 

7) Harmony Hall Conscious Creations; concepts include development of veggie accommodation and organic growing and food.

8) Investigate empty property scheme of Kilkenny Council. Find that it consists of a substantial reduction of the exorbitant rates for one year only and then it's much of a muchness. 

9) Analyse niche Food business in Kilkenny and Carlow. Over crowded with restaurants but no organic, vegan or vegetarian or raw health offerings. (That changed with Helen Costello's Lovely Raw cafe in Ormond Street.


1) Booked for a long display of artwork - 12 large pieces

2) Water research on fluoride added to Irish mains water. Study of scientist, Dr Emoto's theory that water holds memory and therefore  how the frequency of water can be raised and impurities eliminated, using one's own consciousness.

3) Had rubber stamps made of 'resonant words' written in intentional writing to use for ceramic coasters.

4) Article to Consciousness Magazine; About Sacred Geometry, the vesica pices and Plato's water symbol

5) Art Sale as Fundraiser for PAWS animal rescue.
Interview on SE Radio.  

6) Off-grid solution. Water turbine research. Movement to find alternative to ESB mega cables and pylons criss-crossing the county.  Wider battle to stop Ireland being made into a power station for Europe with out of date, inefficient and dangerous-to-health wind farms. 

7) Pipes in for turbine

8) Magic night at the exhibition opening and dinner and organic wine for 40 people