Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Raw Organic Vegan 'Meals On Wheels' in Ireland

Harmony Hall in Kilkenny, Ireland 
Raw Organic Vegan Food
the norm rather than the exception!
Meals on Wheels Service – so far available in the Kilkenny Area For the well but busy, the unwell and agents of positive change. 
 Raw - Vitamin profile & enzymes of all ingredients remain intact and available to the body because the dishes are not heated beyond 40 degrees. 
 Vegan - No animal products: free from meat, fish, dairy, eggs, honey and palm oil. Only use of animals is as moral support and motivation to launch the brand and provide a crucial alternative food industry. 
 Organic - No chemicals used in fertilizer, pest or weed control, cleaning or preservation – and bear in mind that everything that is not organic has been sprayed at every juncture. 
 Locally sourced - Irish nuts, grains, seeds, vegetables and fruit – but we have yet to source good Irish lemons and coconuts! We do what we can and look towards the future for full certification! 
 Sustainable - Mindful use of water in production. Less electricity used by not using ovens. Re-use of cartons for local customers. When products go on sale in the shops, packaging will be card rather than plastic. , 
 Gluten free and sugar free - No flours or processed sugars are used in the crusts and bases of our sweet or savoury lunches 
 Home made – All recipes developed by Frances Micklem of Healing by Franc 

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