Wednesday, April 1, 2020

How To Extend Our Spiritual Capacity

When I shared this short video before, which is at least an interesting speculation about there being a connection between pandemics and launching of new technologies...
My friend commented: Thank you Frances for sharing this. The doctor in the video is talking about extending spiritual capacity. How one can achieve it?
What a good question thanks!! That called for a proper answer, I decided, so here it is:
I have decided to write 8 bullet points but they’re more like canon balls than bullets as it turns out! This is stuff that we all know at some level, I just like to articulate it in new ways from time to time, to jog some memories! 

We are all one energy

1) We are all connected in a more fundamental way than via the internet. Another energy flows between us and other living things. The more we individually think about this energy, the better the connection we achieve. Instead of the fractious aggravation of trying to get on line or trying to think clearly when on line, the other connection is a deepening sense that we are all from one source. This creates feelings of well-being; strength because we realize we are like nature; synergy (two things working better together than separately) and affinity, which is our intrinsic (built-in) loving understanding of each other.

Getting Past Black & White Thinking

2) We can relax our mind’s hold, over all our other capable faculties. When you logically consider that we are related to, responsible for and creating any of the things life brings us, the mind will argue. It reacts with yes and no. It will identify happily with some parts, like the statement that we are made of the same stuff as the stars but reject others, like the statement that we are equally related to the industries that pollute the natural world. The way to develop, past this polarized view, is to notice your thoughts and repeat the phrase ‘This aint good, it aint bad, it just is”… preferably in a Southern drawl but any accent will do as you’re just reminding yourself to take the mind’s argument out of it and therefore all the stressful resistance, which moves you towards acceptance.

How To Self-Reference

3) The achieving of acceptance, aka a moment’s quiet from incessant thinking, both constructive and not, allows you to hear yourself and practice the crucial, life-saving habit of self-referencing. The answers are not outside, they are inside. We have got very used to asking questions like asking the doctor what is wrong? Asking scientists what is safe? Asking google how to do things and looking to the law for what is right and wrong. These are, at best, unsatisfactory external constructs. We should use this time of limited physical roaming, to explore our inner landscape. If something occurs to you, or something happens around you, ask yourself how do I feel about that? How should I respond? And why? Why does that scare me? Why does that make me happy? You will start to see what you appreciate and what you maybe just endure in the life you have. You might notice what your mood is actually routinely like and what contribution you make to the world party. You will be able to observe the many levels of interactions that are usually hidden, in the daily rush.

Developing Self Trust

4) This self-referencing brings you to a really healthy state of inner authority (generally referred to as self respect). We make hundreds of small choices every day. In corona virus and technological disruption-terms, you can work on making sure you’re not making those decisions under the influence of social media, peer pressure or even old habits and insecurities. With some mental discipline, you start to become conscious and mindful; trusting yourself even as you revert to autopilot, on how to spend your time and what to eat and what requires and deserves your energy. Requiring and deserving being two different things, for which we have to work on discernment to tell them apart. 

Conscious Healing of The Physical Body

5) There are some that say consciousness is healing in itself. I totally agree. I would say that the energy clearing I do for people (and places, animals, plants & situations) is literally a honed ability and a constant willingness to pay attention. Say, for example, you’re feeling terrible, gripped by pain and in a dark state of mind? That is a good time to practice mind over matter. It is not random whether you will get better or worse and worse. The spiritual take on a dis-ease can begin and ensure a complete recovery, by giving you a perspective (as opposed to immersion in the experience). You are developing an additional awareness that can shine a light on your struggling body. The throat represents the challenge o expressing yourself and saying what you need and want to say. The lungs represent your life force, so the virus represents oppression. The antidote for a release could be to watch Braveheart ‘You can take my life but you cannot take my freedom’. Or read about Nelson Mandella, who was 28 years wrongfully incarcerated as a political prisoner. He said that his mental and emotional freedom were much more important and always available to him. That’s a good approach to the lock down actually too.

Keep Your Emotional Energy Right

6) But, where to start with self-healing, energy healing, spiritual work? It is enough to remember that medicine treats the symptoms but only you yourself can treat the source and cause. When I started 18 years ago, I cleared, first (and still do regularly) my emotional condition – detoxing from all the upset of injustice and then uploading some gratitude for anything positive I could think of. Sometimes there are slim pickings and sometimes there are loads of amazing things that come to mind, to be glad of. And, of course, the more you look, the more you find! You end up, like me, with a cheerful disposition; a little bit hopeful, like a puppy with the recurring thought “Sure, I’ll give it another go, they may have a treat for me this time”. Interestingly, being in good emotional condition is more important than a good physical condition, maybe because the physical body can heal faster when there’s gentleness, warmth and laughter and room for miracles through that all-important sense of connection. The emotional energy field, though, is just one of the subtle bodies. You can clear grief from your mental energy field, toxic metals and environmental pollutants from your home, raise the energetic frequency of your drinking water, of which 70% of your body is made. Or keep it simple and clear any risk of illness to you and yours. All you need is intention. Just tip away, paying attention to a different thing each time. My favourite positive spiritual spin is that a headache is a sign of a new neural pathway forming and god only knows what important powerful information it may bring eventually!

Picking Your Guidance System

7) What you heal for yourself, you heal for all. Your successes are my successes. The reason why building a strong spiritual life is so significant is that the outer world is very chaotic and cruel. Each being that learns how to come to terms with themselves and maintain (or at least find their way back to) coherence or peacefulness is building the foundation of a sustainable future, for everyone. A life that makes sense will be reflected by a world that makes sense …but don’t hold your breath for this outcome as I’ve been working on it for years and I’ve had amazing results but no irrefutable proofs. Personally, I think we should wean ourselves off needing proof and mature into just knowing. And while we’re at it, wean ourselves off dependence on external expertise and get centred in our own truth…much more reliable in times of uncertainty like these. My guideline is to harm no one and nothing. That clears up any indecision for me and provides obvious means to weigh up my actions. For others, they consider the statement “I am love, lover and beloved’ to make sure that love motivates their actions (as opposed to reactionary motivations like fear, anger, expectations, guilt and so on).

Powerful Participation in The Wider Reality

8) Finally, this distinction between reaction and response come to the fore. When a person has assimilated some spiritual concepts into their everyday perceptions of what’s going on, they will see that they are not victims of an illness or a society or anything. We are powerful, active agents in our own lives and others’, every step of the way. So, first things first, let’s all ask to clear anything in us, individually, that is perpetuating the vast reach of Covid 19. Let’s all ask what is the gift in being alive at this time of extraordinary change. Let’s all think of one thing, at least, that this crumbing of economies might lead to; the particular systemic change you always hoped for but thought you’d never live to see the day it came about. I have already thought of mine and written to the government and more recently to Europe about it, on the basis that it would be a pity not to harvest our ideas and plant the seeds in the wider consciousness and possibly in the minds of the very people who can legislate accordingly. The spirituality we all loosely know of is prayer. Let’s send a quick prayer (or spare a thought, if you’re more comfortable with that terminology) for the people who have died so far. Acknowledging their souls and the lives they had is enough for them to get safely to the light and leave behind the physical body. Our bodies are only our vehicle, the spirit goes on. However, like every good set of wheels, let’s make it sporty, comfortable, smooth running, fun to drive off-road and fuelled with the desire for adventure and to see more: See everything you can in fact, from every vantage point and experience everything too, 1st hand, rather than 3rd hand, via algorithms and wifi frequencies. Give yourselves a meditation and roll in the hay any day and instead of the cloud, look at the sky.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Department of Ag & Meat Not Above The Law

I sent this to Minister Creed, the Animal Welfare Desk and the gang at the Department of well as the Green Party and anyone who shares animal welfare objectives. Please cut and paste or write something to get the meat industry on shut down too...if only for three months. Trucks of Irish animals at European borders in traffic jams of over 40km in length are not, surely, within regulations and in a lock down situation are not helping.

"Dear Agriculture Department,
I have also sent this to the Green Party, of which I am a member (They explicitly want an end to live export and an end to intensive large farms and a return to small, high welfare operations), the Animal Welfare Desk and the new Animals First political party.

I read about the government's 'Order to close all unnecessary businesses'! Hallelujah. Factories are going to have to close….at last. How many years have I sworn I will live to see the end of the unnecessary killing of animals? Senseless, inexorable murder, short lives of confinement, prodded into trucks, forced to walk in terror to their torture machine, no anaesthetic or sedation first (thanks in part to a shortage of gas for pigs and adhering to horrific Halal for cows), total awareness of what is happening, blood everywhere; living, dead and semi-conscious animals of your own species, even herd, everywhere? Not one Irish man on the line, only Eastern Europeans and others without enough English to get a better job. These guys are already suicidal, their souls gone (Two suicides in QK Meats' Coldstore). Completely past caring. Drenched in violence and entrails. Can we send them home for their self isolation too? Surely they’ve earned it.

So I’ve been begging the powers that be for 24 years. Many have been campaigning since the 60s. There are millions of vegetarians and vegans now, in the last ten years recognizing that we don’t need to kill animals for food, so we shouldn’t. We don’t need to take the milk from cows, so we shouldn’t. This reasoning, which has always been so obvious to some, is now suddenly getting its chance to be legislated for. Today we heard the order to stop all unnecessary business.  You’re going to have to CLOSE ALL SLAUGHTER HOUSES AND STOP LIVE EXPORT.  It doesn’t matter if it’s for 3 months only. It’s a pause, a hiatus. The DAFM, who texted me today because I'm a farmer, informed me that they’re closed for business for the foreseeable future. You are certainly not sending your vets in to do their usual inspections for food safety or welfare so that means, it should be stopped altogether. Only if you confirm that the full complement of DAFM vets are at sea ports and in factories should they be allowed to stay open. We want proof. But actually, we don't want proof that business as usual is allowed, we want closure.

What will the farmers do? Dry their milking cows off and rough off the animals still in sheds with less and less hard food and more and more turnout. Then let them off in the fields, to sustain themselves, while minding their water, until this crisis is over. Then we can think again. 

The government can decide how much support the farmers get. The meat industry does not need handouts. It can rest easy on its profits and your department can insist they continue to pay their staff while they’re not working. (I refer to when Dawn Fresh (part of the Queally Group) was closed due to food safety non compliance and they laid off all their staff with immediate effect, with no pay or notice. It is not the government who should pay for everything with tax payer’s money. They can push for insurance companies as well to honour a ‘loss of business’ or an ‘acts of God’ phrase or whatever they need.

Please don't give us some old chat about slaughter being necessary for food. You know that farms, factories and trucks should be grounded like everyone else to flatten the curve of the virus spread. Like everything else, meat and dairy products can be rationed. Do not play into the hands of the already unscrupulous meat industry who are only too delighted to knock out lower and lower standard sausages (for example), as there is such a rush on. The Kerry Group in Shillelagh, Carlow have already had cases of Covid 19 but haven't closed, just moved staff around. Perhaps your rule of thumb should be, if they reported that case then they are attempting to be responsible about not spreading the virus and if they didn't they are definitely trying to cover it up and stay open and profiting, regardless of risk to staff and customers? 

We have to slow down how much meat we eat anyway for the environment. We have to stop the import of cheap meat, in order to make sure Irish farmers' products are the only ones on our market. You have to bring the meat industry to task. This is our chance.  

I am so grateful for this chance to stop the killing of animals and birds, for the first time in living memory. Even if it's just for a time. People might start to see sense and see the reality of this barbaric modern day industry, so far removed from it's small-holding, non-gmo-fed, free range, pasture fed, past.

If you want to hear how a few Irish farmers are doing it, here is a Limerick farmer on how he helped his land recover, stopped feeding grain and dried off his cows for under a fiver.

Please don't miss this opportunity: Close all slaughterhouses and Stop All Live Export." 

...Many thanks and all that from me and millions of animals.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Dammit, weren't we just about to save the environment?

I’ve suddenly copped on. It was only a month ago wasn't it just before the election, how we all talked of how the supermarkets and meat and dairy industry have too much power and to save the planet, we need more and preferably only small food producers, to buy local and to support the environmentally friendly and cruelty free efforts in every purchase...Now we only have supermarkets, meat and dairy industry and big pharma.

Three things occurred to me. As we create what’s in our subconscious mind more powerfully than what we are conscious of, I checked what unhelpful things were there. There were '19' in our collective subconscious that had to be brought to consciousness. I've done that you'll be glad to hear.

How much of the Rainforest – known as the lungs of the planet - have greedy bastards destroyed? 19%.

How much fresh water is left? 19%

Are all these 19s coincidental with Covid 19?

Then over the weekend, I discover that the horse races, the live export, the trade in milk and meat and pharmaceuticals are going ahead like mad.

It’s only us plebs to stay at home, completely dependent on the internet for work, for information, communication, for entertainment, for distraction, for truth, for organizing our finances, for ordering our food…unless we go to the supermarket.

The supermarket is probably no more dangerous than it was a year ago. Every product is full of pesticies and chemical sprays that may or may not be carcinogenic but are definitely full of nano technology (supposedly to gather soil data, but do you believe they don't continue to gather data when they're in our bodies?).

We had already suspected that it was those toxins and micro technologies, accumulated, that were the reason why older people were being triggered into the hideous second stage of the illness-younger people seem impervious.

But today I asked the straight question, is the virus being passed via the internet and I got a yes.

Was my timely watching of Coward of the County, Kenny Rogers (RIP) film a problem? Any better than my hilarious comedy about the property developer and the gypsy? My reading up on the virus? The animals rights issues? Were they all equal? Does the content of what we're viewing matter at all? I got a no! It doesn't matter how serious or silly.

I asked, does it mater if it’s 3G,4G or 5G? No. Wireless or wired? No, Just the world wide web is the issue/the killer and specifically our engagement with it. So, even if someone else in your house is watching something, your conscious disengagement protects you. So at least turn phones off for part of every hour and all of every night!

But we said so recently, we need to get back to small farms and fair prices and good organic and welfare practices. And now just a month later, all the small enterprises are completely devastated.

Some people are talking about how we're moving to a One World Government and that's not a pink fluffy clouds world, where we recognise how we're all intrinsically connected. It's a disaster run by people who neither want us or need us alive.

Private profit is soaring I'm sure, why was the horse racing not stopped today? No social distancing I bet going on there.

Why has live export not been stopped? There’s 40km of traffic jams, at Europe’s borders, full of trucks of dying Irish and other European animals. Can't farmers just let their animals out to the fields to maintain themselves and accept they're going to be around, come the summer, and think again then?

I’m sure we’re firing money at Big Pharma too to come up with a vaccine/cure for the virus. Last I heard, they’re testing it on animals first although it has been shown to not affect animals; they can’t catch it or carry it.

And, what of those pharmaceutical imports to Ireland from China? Worth more than 600 million annually. Couldn’t possibly be the soure of any virus cases even though they’re popping up in care homes without community engagement or whatever their jargon is? But it’s jobs for the boys and girls in laboratories and breeding facilities. This is our chance to stop all this stuff.

There’s a part of ourselves individually that reaches around the globe or can reach around the globe (In physics it's called action at a distance). We are closely related, in frequency, to the ionosphere.

For more information see Or even better, tune yourself in. If the ionosphere layer of the Earth's atmosphere is coherent then the virus nor anything else catastrophic to human life can traverse it. That's what Tesla thought anyway.

But for us to resonate at this frequency and get ourselves well and get the world shielded, from this toxic One World State of big players and cruelty, we have to get off the net.

Get a clear head. And don’t think that the supermarkets aren’t enjoying this. I read on the 'help for small businesses' page that we conduct 97% of the business in Ireland or something like that ....and now we can't do any. That's a big market opening up for complete domination isn't it.

Only the big guys are winning and we need to take the power back. The very mild super power we have is consciousness. Don’t get sucked in to seriousness, distraction or even trying to market what you do on line. Take time out and make your plans in real time and space, in your own front room.

You can get two weeks emergency money, from welfare if you're stuck and it can be done by post, so you don't have to venture into INTREO. If you do, wear gloves and mask and goggles, if not full forensic suit. It still might be worth being registered with them on, in cases you’re going to be hounded for rent or other bills. Things are changing and it is bandit country. Remember that this is suiting some people very well indeed as we panic buy any old shite with a long shelf life. We are well divided and conquered, except our hearts. Keep that connection going. It's the only one that will make a difference.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Self-Isolation Made Easy

If you think you should self-isolate, do not forget what you know. Raw onion, garlic, ginger, lemon, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, aloe vera, vitamin c, raw fruit and veg, fermented foods, all have massive anti-viral properties. Make yourself eat very tiny pieces or sip tiny amounts with maple syrup or just water. Lots of water…but not straight from the tap. Just sit it on your side table overnight on a slip of paper that says ‘thank you for my healing’ or something positive and shorter. Or on a picture of something beautiful and thriving cut out from a magazine.
And don’t forget tea tree oil or vicks or anything menthol or any essential oil probably and put a little in a pan of boiling water. Towel over the head and inhaling the vapours will really open the bronchiole and ease your breathing.

And if you’ve got no symptoms and aren’t ill at all, don’t let fear constrict your chest prematurely. Watch comedies and rom coms and play music and keep a journal of your thoughts and ideas and feelings. If you want to get practical, save the seeds from your peppers and tomatoes and the potatoes that are growing shoots and plant them out in the garden or in a pot. Or look up on line a complete list of anti-viral and immunity building items and see what you have to play with! Something to look forward to and a sense of purpose to is always the key to success. I heard rumours of recipes for colloidal silver being totally doable and effective. I heard that if you can get your hands on MMS it’s a powerful antedote. Turn off your phones, TV, lights and wifi when you’re going to sleep.
We come from a society that doesn’t like to be alone and let’s face it nothing is more miserable than feeling ill and like it’s the end of the world and no one looking after you and bringing you freshly heated hot water bottles and toast or even supposed to open the door to see if you’re still in the land of the living. I know you can’t go to the doctor either and you wouldn’t want to, with all those sick people gathered in the one place, but feel free to message me if you want a distance healing. My very mild super powers will no doubt come into full affect now, so that’s an open invitation.

Don’t wait for the national guidelines to change, we can look after ourselves and we might not be being told the whole truth. The poor doctor in Clare who raced around doing his duties and his child have been proof enough of a couple of things. It is not just contact related, it’s airborne so do use a mask if you have one. Secondly, I think tragically, it’s the child who has symptoms and not the adults so children are at risk too.

All the best and keep calm and try and stay kind, even though I totally understand that everyone whether they’re handing you a tenner or using the petrol pump before you is being looked at with suspicion right now.

My note to self, is think about your little habits that need to change. Talking of the garage, I used to always grab a bag of crisps and now I wouldn’t eat in the car if you paid me. I get the whole way home, wash my hands, get a bowl out and empty the crisps into it. Wash my hands again and eat them. Could this nerve-wracking situation actually be the road to a more civilized and slowing down society?! All the best and lots of love everyone, on this World Women Day, among which number I am glad to call myself a part!

I can't remember who I took this nice picture from but it says it all suddenly. We can't look outside for help, we must dig deep xxx

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Policy ideas! As usual, unsolicited!

I would dearly love to be considered for joining the Seanead to contribute to policy as I have a huge insight into the agricultural workings and problems, for health, the environment, the economy and people and animals in supply chains. I also have a huge capacity for joined up thinking, solution finding and some skills in communicating and engagement.  Having said that, I don't think I was being invited!! Still, that never stopped me before! 

Public Contracts and Funding
My experience includes entering the public tender process and learning about how that system, criteria and national policy is failing the vulnerable groups the provisions are supposed to serve. For example, legitimate care, respite and rescue groups ruled out of the public funding stream, by companies that have merely managed large contracts before. For example, Horse Contractors and Dog Shelter directors, affiliated to a body parts factory in Latvia, receive €950 euro per horse they seize, no portion of that money goes towards the care, rehoming or rescue of those animals. There is an incentivizing of seizing and slaughtering stray and traveller animals. I have shared solutions on effective solutions to address responsible pet ownership and organic, high welfare care for farm animals. 
Farm Support in Pricing
Working in wellbeing (clearing personal and geopathic stress, using the old art of divining) I have supported many farmers and have a good relationship with the Farmers Support Group. Many of them are very isolated, depressed and have not been able to pay their feed bills from the last two winters. The reason for this is that the price they get for cattle has gone down from €4.50 per kg to €3.40 per kg in the last four years.  The last government sought an agreement with the meat industry, when the farmers were protesting, and managed to raise the price by just 5 cent per kg. Green Party intervention on farmers’ behalf to enforce the full euro per kg, recovery in price and value of irish cattle would be in line with their declaration to support smaller farmers. There will have to be something done about the price fixing but also the weight-fixing of Larry Goodman, Queallys, Kepak and Dawn and co too. They are refusing animals below a certain weight and above a certain weight, which is a narrow enough window but impossible when 90% of their weighing machines were found to be outside reasonable compliance. This must happen before carbon taxing, to get the rural communities committed to the party and financially able to make positive changes and or take risks in their farm practices; like reducing herd numbers and non-chemical land management. I have written a detailed support plan for the protesting farmers and sent it to media and councillors.
Legal Advocacy in Meat Industry Fraud Case
I have worked as a legal advocate for a Technical Manager in the meat industry who was responsible for 7 meat plants of the Queally Group. She made a protected disclosure to Simon Coveney and we went to the circuit court. I wrote the affidavit (as my father was a high court judge and wrote a lot of the unfair dismissal law in the UK). I have a lot of evidence of their food safety fraud and environmental non-compliance. This would be useful to revisit as that was in 2015 but their practices have not improved. Also the practice of Halal-approved slaughter (therefore animal is fully conscious) should also be stopped as illegal in our welfare law.  I am delighted that the Live Export is to be stopped, as a policy of the Green Party.

Advocate for farms adhering even to current agrichemical bans. And farms transitioning from animals to arable.
I have supported farmers who are transitioning from animal agriculture to crops. They alerted me to that fact that Ireland would need to ban 1) the import of vegetables grown with chemicals that are banned here, as it gives an unfair advantage. 2) That sales must be guaranteed for Irish produce, as currently supermarkets are refusing Irish harvests as they’ve already ordered in loads from abroad, where the climate is warmer and harvest time more predictable. 

Education is important here and I would like to be involved in the education legislation group discussion too. People need to understand the benefit of clean food and the accumulative dangers of chemical fertilizers, preservatives, cleaning practices as well as pesticides and herbicides.  In term of education, I have worked for 5 years with a senior mentor in the Steiner Pedagogy. I learnt the importance of safety, creativity, how we learn and the need to explore and share rather than learn by rote. I also see that we need to resist the government move to contract out early years education provision, for infants between 6 months and 3 years.  Instead, parents should be supported in extended maternal or paternal leave, to provide the one to one safety that very small children need, in order to socialize and function confidently when they do go out to school.

I have had two radio shows, Healing From Harmony Hall about how clearing inner pollution and negativity leads to peace, collaboration and a healthier outer environment and New Directions, a social change show. That has led me to working for the last decade with Highbank Organic Orchards; the only food producers to give awards in addition to receiving them. I have recorded and shared workshops there from Biochar – in purifying water and correcting digestive issues for livestock , to Fermenting to Natural Agriculture, which is a step beyond organic principles. I have been an educator, via my blog on issues for the environment, people and animals in supply chains, food and health, since 2007.

I am also qualified in Horticulture myself and have done Stop Food Waste’s Master Composters, through the Carlow Council, which also has a teaching component. I am a BHS qualified horse riding and care instructor. In addition, I have HACCP approval to run a food business, teach cookery and how to go plant-based in terms of nutrition and shopping etc, here at Harmony Hall Bioarchitecture Retreat and Think Tank. I also teach piano, guitar and voice.     

 As a farmer myself, I can report how prohibitively hard farm shops make it to get organic feed. For example, Redmills supplies organic horse nuts, layers pellets and pig nuts (from a company called Morans, in undyed/unprinted, paper sacks which is brilliant) but Redmills still have not put those products on their computer system (I have been buying them for twenty years) and that means you wait for at least half an hour every time you collect feed and they only keep 2 or 3 bags in stock, but it is still not on the stock or price list, so they have to go and look again for what they have and how much to charge you. It would be a hard sell to farmers to take that step, until we refuse the feeds laced with pesticide and probably GMOs too.  I have bought one item made by Redmills themselves in a paper sack rather than plastic, so it could be insisted that all their products be sold in paper, so at least bags could be shredded for bedding or used to light the stove after work.

Equally, it has been speculated that pet food constitutes 40% of the problem with animal agriculture emissions, probably as there are so many entrails to process from meat factories. I have been buying vegetarian and vegan organic dog and cat food for 10 years and it is getting harder rather than easier to source. Redmills ‘used to produce a vegan recipe’ but they stopped, as there was not much call for it. They could be encouraged to start production again, especially if the meat-based ones were being phased out and vegetarian ones supported.

I had my County Vet inspection for a herd number last summer and they had not even heard that Ireland and more recently, specifically Kilkenny Council had declared a climate change and biodiversity loss emergency. They had made no adjustments whatsoever to their inspection criteria. They laughed when I mentioned the five freedoms and even said they would prefer concrete to bedding, as it was easier to clean. 

Also council workers were still using Round Up on rural roadsides and strimming in nesting season. They said they had received no memo of a change in practice either. I see a simple solution, that all the departments are sent a report, outlining relevant and manageable changes to their practice; obviously council workers should cease spraying and farms should be asked to half or quarter the numbers of animals in intensive housing conditions, because of their consequent reliance on antibiotics to keep them alive. Also, if we only allowed sucklers rather than instant removal of the calf, it would mean calves get their colostrum and develop their own immunity. 

Talking of building immunity, I would like to be considered for the Health group too. We need to support the health food shops as the only source we have of most of our nutritional needs, now that our food is mainly devoid of them. I refer to minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and microbial profiles that either were never present, when fruit are artificially ripened or grown in inert soil, or are lost during cooking and other processing. The new tax, even at 13% has already taken its toll. 

I have a surprising ability to uncover corruption and information that can be used to push for social change and clean food. For example, I discovered that Teagasc was developing GMO potatoes, in Carlow. So that it would not become common knowledge, they recruited Plant Pathologists from abroad. One of these came to stay here for a month before her interview to practice her English. Staying in touch, I gathered a lot about their experiments and non compliance and let the council know, who took the matter to Europe. 

Talking of responsible technology, I have also brought my understanding to bear on the threat of 5G. Although energetic medicine is still considered alternative, it has been proven for 100 years that energy is the smallest possible common denominator and so being able to work with and understand energetic frequencies are a must. 5G is considered by some to be a weapons-grade level of disruptor and destroyers/disorientators to wildlife. All wifi signals and EMFs are proven to weaken the human body. Therefore, if the Green Party does intend to get good internet to rural areas, make sure it is wired not wifi. The idea that high speed technology leads to a higher quality of life is actually a myth we need to dispel. Again, it is about education to spread the word that a good remote connection doesn’t replace personal connection. More importantly, it could irreversibly interfere with Nature’s own recovery and make rural places uninhabitable for people or wildlife.

In the counties like Clare and Kerry where they have already put in the 5G, often cutting down trees to do so, there are a lot of questions over ‘who is rolling it out’.  No particular company is taking responsibility and it is being agreed even in the face of total opposition from elected councillors and peer reviewed reports. It is the same with chem’ trailing and geo engineering. The three warm days last week, the skies over Kilkenny were streaked with trails. In Donegal, extensive soil testing has been done on the poisons being dropped, on a very regular basis and they have monitored the planes and have those reports that need to be considered. 

There is also nano technology being distributed in ordinary agricultural sprays, which I found out from a agri-chemical salesman. This miniscule technology does not just collect data, about the condition of the soil but also is able to transmit data. We must remember that those crops end up in the food chain and therefore consumed by us. 

Pharmaceutical companies are considering including micro-chips in pills (coated already in casein, a by-product of the dairy industry) to check compliance. While we have the valid argument of environmental damage for scaling down production, in every industry, we must stop this shift towards a nanny state with pharmaceutical companies sponsoring consultants and hospitals and given State support in making new vaccinations compulsory and spreading ‘health messages’ on national media. It is not obvious to everyone that they have too great a vested interest in our ill health to be allowed to advise on our health.

Friday, February 7, 2020

Music and Politics is a great combination

Fast forward about 20 minutes in to this radio show and Malcolm Noonan, our Carlow Kilkenny Green candidate, comes on with his guitar and does a cracking version of Woody Guthrie's song This Land Is Your Land. 

His pictures, including this one, which he had a laugh about saying 'Every time I pass the market slip on Kieran Street, it reminds me of the iconic cover of Bob Dylan's 'Street Legal'.
was taken by Monika Piec Halicka. 
I could mention all the important, critically endangered, innovative and cultural initiatives he's involved with and the committees he's already on, ready to leverage fairness and sustainability. 
I could mention how the young wanted to march for action on climate change today on the eve of the election and weren't allowed by Dublin police!? Those too young to vote want to make sure the election is a climate change-motivated election.
I could tell you what was said to me when I went canvassing in Paulstown and Castlecomer and the farms up here in the Slieve Margies which join Kilkenny to Carlow. The situation is good, everyone knows Malcolm already and trusts him. 
In the end, I thought I'd settle for sharing this enjoyable aspect that he is a cultivated musician and a total dude. To play an instrument, you have to work on it for years, you have to listen to others in the band and you have to be prepared to improvise and keep your head, even when all about you are talking they always are in pubs after a certain point in the evening! Let's get a green government, we really need it now, no more putting it off. Malcolm Noonan deserves that No.1. And that's not in a Top Of The Charts way!…/

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Want a future at all? Vote Green

The climate march I went to in Leeds, UK

We are the only country in the whole of Europe getting enough rainfall - possibly the world. All eyes are on us, hoping that we're stupid enough to not vote for a Green government. 

This paper from a couple of weeks ago, only 7% of grown ups (loosely use the term) and therefore voters were thinking about the climate. 

So we'll sell off our water and allow the continued degradation and contamination of the land and sea, to the tax free corporate interests. Your children won't have a future, simple as.

One of the apple trees I planted

It doesn't matter right now whether they're going to build houses, give you a bed in hospital or spend it on their own or our pensions. The planet's atmosphere isi breaking down because of massive exploitation and pollution of its resources and doing something about it has to be the priority. 

Shell site in Mayo before they got the fires under control some days later

Isn't that what the youth marches were about? Closing schools to get politicians to listen? There is no planet B and all that?

How dare we not take responsibility for what we have done and what has been done and we have overlooked, in our generation? Even the children know we're condemning them to an uncertain future because we're too docile and blaming to work with real solidarity to protect the land. We should all be going to local farms a few hours every week to help weeding and carefully checking for pests, so they can leave off the chemical poisons. You probably won't find any pests or even beneficial insects. All the smaller insects and animals are dead already and approvals being given left, right and centre for the culling of badgers, deer and seals, the hunting of foxes and the capture and torture of our revered national emblem the hare. 

Climate protests took place across 4,500 locations in 150 countries... roughly 6 or 7 million people participated in the events. A million in Italy, 300,000 in the UK (and they were stupid enough to vote in Boris Johnson) and 300,000 in Australia, (who have a greedy government that they can do nothing about and a climate catastrophe on their hands) We have a general election, that's technically a democracy and means we can still elect only leaders and decision-makers who are actually addressing climate change and biodiversity loss. Yes we need biodiversity - 40% of our oxygen comes from algae in the sea. 4 years we would survive without bees pollinating plants. Yes we need to vote Green. 

They'll end intensive farming, raise welfare, stop live export and encourage the shift to a plant-based diet and support farms changing to crops from animal agriculture

177 fairy trees planted - as I promised to plant a tree for every donation to the brilliant Malcolm Noonan in his Green campaign to  Take Back Carlow Kilkenny or rather give back to Carlow and Kilkenny by being serious representation in the Dail on our behalf. That planting day I had serious help!! We'd have to be away with the fairies not to stay focussed on the environment...Look out the window at this, the 3rd unusually warm early February, day. 

On election day give your Green candidate your number one.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Saying Goodbye With Gratitude, Mark

Saying Goodbye With Gratitude

Mark was one of the first people to ask me to come and clear the geo-pathic stress and history of his church. When I got there, I noticed a big sign saying ‘ATITUDE’ on the wall over his yoga mat. He seemed able to take a joke so I said I liked his reminder but had he noticed his spelling mistake? Without the curtain though, it actually read ‘GRATITUDE’  It was the first of many funny moments.

He was a yoga teacher who did not wait for me to build my upper body strength and insisted I get into a triangular support position with the door and do a handstand right there and then..if a handstand is what I wanted to do! The relaxed way he took my ankle so I didn’t do myself any serious damage, made me feel as light as a feather and maybe able to do it on my own…both of which feelings were misleading!

 At the subtle body yoga retreat!

Physical safety was a theme of our friendship though. When we went to Barbados, to visit the brilliant Liz Cunningham, another maker of dreams come true, I know for definite that I wouldn’t have jumped on those minibuses, randomly explored, drank and swam, let alone made it back to the apartment, or on to the meeting place for the sunset – that’s what you do in Barbados, you meet with friends every day, to watch the sunset – if I hadn’t had Mark as navigator and body guard. The latter is how he introduced himself when curious locals asked what we were doing there!

But he really wanted me to be free too and braver; even buying me a ticket to Poland and a hostel so I would go on a new adventure – off the Kilkenny, Kerry, Oxford triangle, which I had been on for a long time. He remained in text support right until I got there in one piece and made some friends in Krakow. I got to go to the Resistance museum. Everyone knows ‘resistance is futile’ but it occurred to me that Mark was the only person I knew who would have survived that resistance against the nazis. No one was allowed to tell anyone else that they were in it – not like now where we can express our views openly and support each other.

Such a generous friend, he was always piling unwanted shrubs and young trees into his van and bringing them down for my place. Sometimes, he’d even travel with a full barrow of wet cement slopping around after work, to carry on his project here.

At the dog shelter vigil on the parade

And I was not a crap friend to him either! He lived here on an exchange basis, so he could save money to pay up for and do up the church. He worked on whatever he felt like doing and thank God he had great vision, taste and energy because I usually like to decide what happens here. That was instead of paying rent, even though I was broke. 

An amazing 200 metre path, steps and amphitheatre Mark created through the woods

Then he moved in again, a few months or year later as he was arguing with everyone as usual and suddenly had nowhere to go, with beloved Dakota and she chased cats, so it was a big ask! I stuck up for him too, always maintaining that everyone needs at least one friend who doesn’t have to listen to both sides of the story. I was a faithful friend. 

And this came in handy when the wonderful Yulia came into his life, as she was worried about whether Mark was the real deal. She couldn’t know for certain as she hadn’t come to Ireland yet. He had stuck his heels in and was angry, announced to me that ‘if you give an inch, they’ll take a mile’ – that makes me smile even now. Anyway, he meant that if you reassure a woman even once, she will never stop asking! That was the only time I ever succeeded in persuading him of anything. I said it’s perfectly reasonable to put the person you love’s mind at rest. So she knows where she stands with you.  That is what I’m most grateful of, I think, that he found her and they got married and all.

Beautiful steps he made, long before the cabin was there

We were, collectively, good friends to other people too. Like a mutual friend was locked up for being delusional. I told Mark after about a week that when I dowsed and applied all my intuition and discernment, I got a ‘yes’ to everything the friend said as being true and everything had happened exactly as he described it – no delusion at all. Mark replied, “I think so too. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not after you”. That has been my favourite saying ever since! Between us all, we got the guy out of dodge.

"Evening Drinks With Mark": The one painting of him, he let me do as I was just using his Facebook profile picture - when it was that gorgeous black lamb - to work from!!

Mark was nearly always bristling with reflections on his past or the state of the world today, for people, animals and the environment. It was hard not to take him personally. Today, I realized it’s a miracle we were got on as long as we did! But I’m so grateful to have known someone so emotional yet stoic, so reactive and yet so deep.  He always said his brother Ross was the first of the family to wake up and led the way on all progressive ideas and values. 

I only saw him a handful of times in the last few years. Thankfully, that was mostly because he was living in Ukraine, on the wings of love. But I am grateful to have been spared seeing him in pain this last year. 

Planting the water garden with lovely plants donated by his Mum

Not seeing him came about as part of the biggest and hardest lesson he taught me, which was to mind my own business! This wasn’t a subtle lesson where I sensed that they’d rather do things their own way. It was literally me being me - I have always been around and helped people who are sick and sometimes dying. I honestly used to think the energy work I do was my job on the planet. I also happen to believe every heart beat is important so I had a multitude of what seemed essential and healing things to do to get well...and?  Mark eventually telling me to feck off! Rightly so, probably and I think he’ll be glad to observe, from the other side, that I’ve reined in my energy, in many friendships actually, and am saving it to fight the good fight.

I have confirmed with him telepathically today that I am determined to live until every animal is freed and there is no trace of carcinogenic farm sprays poisoning the food, air and water. It is the least we can do in his honour because it is so unfair he got poisoned on the quiet when he lived so mindfully and actively. Oh I know there are lots of reasons he got ill but he himself wanted the spraying and killing stopped, so let’s do that.

And then the biggest thank you of all must be for his providing the great sound track to so many evenings. Probably Kiss Off by The Violent Femmes was my first request and then always followed by a suggestion from him, Want to sing Karma Police. Everyone loves to sing Karma Police don’t they?  ‘For a minute there I lost myself, I lost myself’ I think he has paid his karmic debt in full this time and/or transmuted it, with so many beautiful creations like my meditation garden. I heard today, too late that he wanted people to share some pictures of his work and his legacy. Still, I’ll put them here. Still, after enjoying eternal life for a bit, he can come back on his own terms. I can’t wait, I’m sure we’ll all be there in some shape or form. Goodness knows, we must all be from the one soul group.

Rest in peace Fx