Saturday, November 21, 2020

MEP Pierre Larrouturou Had To Hunger Strike to Ask For A Tiny Tax on Financial Services


Will our very own Paschal Donoghue Euro Zone leader and friends let MEP Pierre Larrouturou die, rather than admit his point? Pierre Larrouturou is the man leading the European budget negotiations. He is on his 12th day of hunger strike to protest against the EU’s refusal to tax rich corporations to fund climate action - the 'obscene' EU budget.

People across Europe are fasting for a day in solidarity and sharing his message....well actually it's our message isn't it. Stop being the gatekeeper for the banks and the corporate interests Mr Donoghue, do something that makes economic sense and not just for your own pocket. I've only just heard that this is going on. Please let everyone know we must get a result for this MEP. Public pressure needed! #politicsandlaw #banks #MEPhungerstrike

This must be his 22nd day of hunger strike and yet we hear nothing in the news of the MEP, who is starving himself to insist on economic justice for us, for over a week. "In an unprecedented move, French MEP and general rapporteur for the 2021 budget, Pierre Larrouturou, begins his 13th day of hunger strike on Monday (9 November). His objective: to achieve more resources for health, climate and employment by taxing financial transactions EuroActiv France reports."  

"A European tax on financial transactions and corporate profits could bring an annual €120 billion to the EU budget and finance a green recovery from the COVID-19 crisis, without asking a penny more from national governments, says Pierre Larrouturou." 

"MEP Pierre Larrouturou deplored the meagre €7.5 billion proposed in the European Commission's Just Transition Fund. To finance EU climate action, he suggests some of the ECB's "easy money" could fuel the European Investment Bank (EIB) instead of going into private banks."

This was hardly mentioned, even findable in the on line news, let alone mainstream news...even though he did it for us. He stopped hunger striking in time not to die and has got his idea back on the table for discussion next month.

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