Saturday, November 21, 2020

Only the Pharmaceutical Industry is Excited by the Vaccines So Far


When I see headlines that a vaccine is 'showing promise' liked and commented on only by other pharmaceutical executives, it makes me slightly hopeful that normal soulful people are waking up to the loose cannon that pharmaceutical companies are; subsidised hundreds of millions (especially for a covid vaccine development) & with laws that protect them from being accountable for their products. Ever wondered why the State had to pay 4 million for the devastating affects of a GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals vaccine? Corporations, with a mission statement to have every citizen on at least 4 prescribed drugs from cradle to grave, cannot be sued. Let that sink in. 

They also have a captive market of frightened people on every continent prepared to try a vaccine plus leverage with the authorities to force it on people if they don't want it. The effects of these rushed through vaccines will only bankrupt countries further, if the UK government are correct when they say there will be a wave of deaths after a vaccine's adverse affects #HSE My approach? Turmeric.

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