Thursday, December 5, 2019

Europe In Training - Entraining

Europe In Training... entraining?! New Project I'm working on - an energetic pilgrimage through sacred geometry, music and ancient Valentia...surely the very heart of the matter!
Yours truly at a local secret sacred place that even I could not find again

Is it a bird? is it a plane? Is it a caravan? Or is it a train? Do you believe that entrainment can direct Europe, indeed the world, towards unity and hope? Pure energetic entrainment, where you are able to hold your frequency so high, your ideas so clear that all and sundry are drawn to that healthier vibration? Have you experienced many moments of it but find it hard to maintain that level of consciousness… because ‘it’s a lonely place, without the hand of grace?’ 
… Without a community of likeminded friends? Without any directly nourishing activities supporting your journey and spiritual purpose? Yes, most mundane tasks, even spiritually-focused workshops or gatherings draw on your resources but this won’t. This is an activation; personal and yet simultaneously far-reaching.
2020 means perfect vision, in more ways than one. September 2020 things are culminating, for what was Peace Day, now Peace week and happy to make it a full month, preferably a movement and a lifetime of Co-creating Europe
Anybody who understands the energy field knows we can make a difference and that energy will rise to meet the most resonant, coherent wave. We are going to form that wave in a tangible way. Asking those that know the holy wells and sacred sites best. Asking those that know and can map the sacred geometry of Europe or where they are, the underlying structure and the waterways. The internet of Nature, acknowledged, celebrated and activated to bring about structural integrity again – light, water, air, soil, politically, emotionally mentally. Let’s do it and please get in touch if you have a talk or place or theme, in mind, where we can meet on our Valentia.
The most westerly point of Europe is where we will finally regroup on the 26th September to coincide with the US Peace Conference. Valentia is always the place to meet for any reason but this time it is reinforced by its historic transatlantic cable and the tying together of the European Unity Caravan that we are a part of here and the Caravan in the States. I prefer the idea of a train and entrainment as the most powerful method we have for change and unity. In the States, they see caravan as in keeping with healing all the wounded places, indigenous places and the millions of displaced people around the globe. And Rumi, who said 'ours is not a caravan of despair'. So call it what you will, please get in touch if you want to be involved.
What is my part in proceedings? I have been entrusted with the heart stone for the journey. Many people might not understand the significance of the heart or of a stone so maybe that’s why I’ve got it. Other people have other skills. I can’t wait and after a wonderful conference call, incorporating several continents this morning, I can feel the energy build already!! 
A new reality, stones from Baurnfree - My favourite megalithic site

Lovely to work with Freya Lawton again, especially through something so happily married in understanding to The Peace Intention.

Freya at Baurnfree

People who might be interested include anybody interested in the megalithic sites and old lore, those who work with water and waterways, all conscious healers, energy workers, those bringing light to those in the pits. Also those involved in eco villages and other independent progressive thinkers.
Amy Montgomery, Michael Morcheba and Tru make up the Northern Irish contingent so far. 

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