Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day One:Do you remember the good old days before the ghost town?

We are in a stunning cowboy ghost town, complete with saloon, wigwams, jail and miles of horizon in every sort of red. All the horses are paint horses, pintos and apaloosas resting after a hundred gathered here yesterday for a trail day of western riding. I can't believe we've made it. Where else in the world would someone just make you a cup of tea and give you the keys to the whole village and go off?

County Kilkenny
To start as we mean to go on, we filmed a horse / owner combination to demonstrate how a horse should be kept. Rex and Ivan. If I can edit snippets as we go along, I will put them up. In short: groom them every day, if only to pay attention to changes in their condition and to notice their mood and if they have got any scratches. Make sure they have access to loads of clean water and that you start every ride with at least ten minutes in walk to let them stretch. It is really the message we want to spread about animals; If you have one, learn about them and closely observe them.

We are attempting to acknowledge every aspect of the scene as we go along. The first thing we saw after we left Susi's was a rabbit - at the Bright Eyes stage of its life. So our first clearing was animals killed on the road. It is important not to be traumatized by everything or we'll just create more of it. I got clearing while Susi drove. She asked if we could draw the line at clearing bugs on the windscreen or we'd never get a break. A compromise was reached that we'd only do a bit for them every day!

County Carlow
I cleared Carlow. Always the first thing is to clear our own relationship to a place. There was initial resistance but we got there. Then we did the 'clarity, peace, abundance and love' set. Carlow was a bit short of love, it turned out, but its the first county I've done in one go so we can only see what happens now. It could become the next San Francisco.

County Portlaoise
Huge thanks to Michael and Esther Lecombrey for this magical place they've created in Timahoe. Also Siobhan at Glasrai Goodies in Gowran, who provided the most supreme evening meal for us today. Thanks to everyone who came to the party on Friday. It was a brilliant, high energy send off and made me not want to leave such good friends and times. Thanks to JP for playing and Mags and Fintan and some classic french pianists - don't ask how they got there!

The clearings done here have been 4 people, one place, 12 horses, a Siberian Husky puppy, Scout, and Blackie a very old husky- 19 years old. We will cover some serious ground tomorrow so I must sleep now.

Recommended happinesses: Coming here, going to see Twilight Eclipse, Cappuccinos on Gowran Green, listening to songs that say what you mean to say but can't quite think of how, live!

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