Friday, July 16, 2010

3rd Day Across The Border

So the order of events is:
Stay present

We have connected with some very brilliant and decent people already. They have really shown me the spectrum of experience people live with. Some in great hardship and some millionaires. Some millionaires in fact who fear great hardship and some hard up people with large-scale dreams fit for a king! There’s been some with great influence and some with great commitment. Lots with skills and qualities! Every last one was fraught though. Unexpectedly, our fresh perspective seems to be literally brand new to most. So it was worth coming on the trip just to let people know how to breathe again, move on, make changes and resonate ok with this crazy ride we call life.

I am trying to emphasize that there is literally nothing outside ourselves to blame. No danger outside ourselves to fear. There is also nothing to hate or even judge as bad. It is all just residual bad feeling. It is surfacing, nothing more. As the queen of positive thinking, I am also able to confirm that this bad feeling is in fact a blessing. It is not supposed to be overwhelming and lead to crisis. We are supposed to recognize these moments as wonderful opportunities for healing!!

It seems that it doesn’t naturally occur to people to spot fear as it arises in oneself. They rush straight to focussing on what the perceived danger is. It becomes attached to a story line in one’s own life, like fear of rejection or not having enough money or getting ill and then its chewed over like a pitbull with a ragdoll. No one sees their ideas for what they are. Thoughts and fears and horrors and cruelty and differences are just persistent waves breaking on the shore. We just have to let them pull out again as they naturally do. People have to stop fighting. Its actually harder to stop fighting for good or righteous causes than just fighting to let off steam. The good causes and the great reasons and the deep feelings evoked are all relevant but our job as human beings is not to fight and hold things up but, instead, total surrender is called for and total forgiveness.

Spending this little bit of time listening to myself amongst these new people has shown me many things about my own shadowy parameters too. Frustration, claustrophobia, indecisiveness, fear of violence and defensiveness to name but a few. I am coming to love these energies in myself. Just like every one else, I’m a bit of a classic combination that’s all. As we go along, I have been daring people to acknowledge themselves in this way. A right old mix of frequencies, all perfectly ok and no longer giving one more air time in one’s mind than others.

One might have thought that people would want peace and to be able to support themselves emotionally and mentally but sadly not. For most, personal pain is embedded in so many layers of apparently valid tragic information that it has become the very fabric of their being. It has become essentially a true story or a self fulfilling prophecy. This hidden pain has been mirrored back so consistently in one’s experience that we fully believe the pain isn’t our own but someone else’s! The starving young and other creatures of the earth, the terrible abuse etc etc. We each have only to deal with ourselves and all this experience will change. We have been lucky on this trip to get a chance to spend two nights/three days ish in each place, clearing, sharing ideas and really holding a space for the penny to drop and clarity or optimism or calm to shine through. The idea being, blame no one. Not even yourself. Learn how to let things go. This is done most simply I find by affirming to oneself...This is not yours or mine this just stuff bandying around. Every turbulence whatever size is just a mere wrinkle in an otherwise perfect squiggle... That last one’s my favourite. It is the real beauty of an energetic universe, its completely fluid, silken and oceanic. Nothing is really stuck or damaged. So don’t fall for the illusion.

We are working in the North this week. With visits to each county, we have done already the three specific clearings - returning the structure of the land from chaos to clarity, from conflict to peace and from lack to abundance - for County Down and County Armagh. We are also keen to work with individuals and businesses on environmental and health concerns on the off chance we’ll earn either some diesel money or some donations for the cause. We have seen some amazing work but all of them need money and people to offer long term homes for the animals. Its also occurred to us that we are promoting a holistic way of life and are hoping that each family might sponsor or take on one animal. These are two things I’ve had on my vision board all year: ‘€10,000 trip for animal welfare’ and ‘someone to love every person and every animal.’ Make it so No.1...Well that’s what Captain Picard says to his computer on the starship enterprise so it might just work for us too!

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