Monday, July 5, 2010

Day Two:

Windy and Rosie have settled in. They were like old friends dozing nose to nose outside the Tower Inn in Timahoe this evening. Over a bottle of Heineken, we were introduced to three beautiful dogs, rescued via Brenda Stone in Inistoige! One very small Jack Russel type, one very friendly, but distinguished looking, Mastiff meets Rotweiller and an old Collie. Everyone on the green loved the horses.

It was our second outing of the day, so we are totally wrecked . . . I had no sleep at all last night and Susi had maybe even less. We are not experienced campers, Susi was freezing in her wing of the lorry and I was so claustrophobic in my pen...I mean bed! that I had to break out at about 3am. Tonight's looking a lot more promising.

We cleared the whole family here in the end over various cups of coffee. The recession has even reached this wonderful place and stress had been catching up. What is really represented here is following your dreams and creating one's own little piece of heaven. We watched Michael training a youngster, using his quiet natural horsemanship method. He also came and tuned in to our two. Its so sunny and mellow and inspiring here, none of us want to leave and have almost already forgotten why we need to!

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