Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sligo riders were tentatively happy to be reminded that the personality of one's horse is a direct reflection of oneself!

Before we left the north, Susi had to take a horse to Antrim to have an xray to confirm tendon damage. Antrim is on the way to Derry, Londonderry as its officially known, and it has the Giant’s Causeway and other beautiful scenery there. As with the rest of the North...and possibly the whole world!.. its mad busy with people being busy!

Eventually, we left Caledon in Tyrone. Just on our way Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh, we encountered 3 road blocks. Think there was someone they were looking for but luckily not us. We were waved through by very smiley policemen which was possibly even more unnerving!

Fermanagh is the home of the lakes. The lorry part was a grim trip with me in the back trying to hold a space for the horses and Susi with white knuckles on the steering wheel concentrating and negotiating the roads.We'd made more room for the horses in the back but, for that leg, they had too much room and were falling about the place. I seriously recommend anyone with horses travel in the back with them for a stretch as its actually a bit of a nightmare to witness and motivates whole new considerations!

In Sligo, Windy and Rosie were looked after by Markree Castle, home of the great Cooper family, who have several very loved animals. We ourselves moved on to Mary Lang’s who bred Hedge Hunter. His brother, little Monty almost came for a hack with us the next day but suddenly there were other jobs. Mary is a nurse and lives with her brilliant parents. Another highlight was the pizza and the full bed and breakfast treatment...wonderful.

I did a talk at the riding club after watching a lesson at McGarry's and we received donations for the cause. Really friendly, interested people and made me feel like joining the Riding Club at Nuenna, Freshford, again as soon as I get home. Their venue in Sligo though was literally chockablock with Dolmens, more than anywhere else in Ireland. The Riding Club is the oldest one in the country too. We were given a pretty magical guided tour at dusk to see Queen Maeve’s tomb on top of her own mountain. She’s buried standing up, I gather, ready to do battle again if necessary. This is also how Susi, Windy and Rosie sleep for the same reason! We were also shown amazing beaches where people are washed away every 10 minutes because the tide rises so fast. I cleared all the riding club horses and the mares and foals and the cob who also had the demise of a young girl on his conscience. Plenty of geopathic stress there and illness but balanced well will love and friendship.

Next morning we went for a ride around the estate and woods, ancient trails and trees and good for the spirits. Windy dealt with gates and was a model example as usual. . . although I am a bit biased.

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