Friday, July 9, 2010

Day Six: Welfare Aware

Well the most amusing thing I've heard recently was a woman bemoaning her last boyfriend. "He just couldn't seem to take me out for a pint without trying to sell me to someone". Sort of heartwarming but I can see why she gave him the slip. We caught a photo of the most dashing man we've seen so far but I gather we're not to lash up photos on the computer without permission. So he'll be forever mine, if in a rather transient way.

Today was a great day even though it rained gently the whole time. I cleared every horse and pony I could find, all the staff too and the two alsations. By lunch time I was asleep in the back of the lorry but the yard was vibrant. Susi managed to keep going about five more minutes. They had a huge foal born there on Sunday who is the personification of vital energy and then there's some more fragile ones. Whenever I asked about one, they'd say in a low tone of horror, that's another 'Kilkenny' one. It was a bit like being English all over again. Wherever we come from, seems to have caused most of the problems and then we roll up to answer for them!

The IHWT has a new video that was made for them for free featuring lots of great riders who pause mid pirouette and say 'here, we're welfare aware' or something like that and it promotes a new ethical practice standard for yards. The project is called Welfare Aware which has a great ring to it I thought. They were delighted with the fundraising night we did yesterday and our lorry and pleased to have us there to do some healing. For each, I cleared entity attachments, spirits around them, traumatic memories, pain and alignment. Seemed like a coherent set to try if anyone reading this has friends or pets that are bogged down or freaked to high heaven. There's an empty house up there too that is no doubt the main drain on the property. Dereliction is always a bit of a vortex.

Over breakfast we helped celebrate the Woodenbridge Hotel's 400 years as an inn. We did it our way by helping the hundreds of guests that never really left move on! Susi is great at identifying and witnessing specific eras and illness. So I can confirm, most of the living dead had died of smallpox or in battle. No one dismembered, just parts that no longer worked. Gruesome! But they've all gone to the light now, thank goodness. This afternoon though we went for a ride along the tiny high roads looking out over this wooded valley. This is the best air we've ever breathed x

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