Friday, July 1, 2011

Attending everything without missing Salsa

I'm reporting in from Suffolk, where its 40 degrees at least. Tomorrow I will put my navigational, divining and driving skills to the test by driving into London to SDF's wedding. Already a legend. I have a slight Meet the Focker's feeling as I didn't get any insurance on my hire car as I fully believe I'm having a lucky week and have the angels on my side. Hope no one throws a brick my way to put me straight!

Back in time for the 'No meat and greet' dinner on Sunday, hopefully see most of you there. And then dancing on tuesday. They say happiness is having a lot to live for rather than having a lot to live on. Suddenly, I have something great to live for, thank God, hope everyone else is feeling that lift too. Tonight is a new moon eclipse that will, I gather, get us all in gear to make a move...make it up, rather than downhill fast!x

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