Monday, July 11, 2011

If in doubt, make your own angel cards.

Shamanic journeying is coming up on friday and I'm looking forward to that. Hope some of you'll come. There's a definite party atmosphere about this summer so far, is that the same for everyone? I've cleared one shop, 72 people, 4 horses and 12 dogs since my last message and starting to feel fairly lively again. That may have been the swim in the sea off Valentia. If you've got time but no clarity, I recommend swimming this time. Or meditating... This is me meditating above! As always the arms are only 'implied' But I'll have life casting perfected one day!

I'll share the entertainment of the alternative angel cards 'channelled' over the weekend when the illustrations are ready to go with them. Think there could be a small fortune in it....a very small fortune probably!x

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