Monday, July 25, 2011

How to be a spirit warrior

As Aristotle said, “Happy is the man who passionately defends that which he loves.” I see a spirit warrior as a spirit who has freed itself from obligations, ideals and other unconscious motivations. A spirit that whole heartedly loves who and what they’re drawn to. Many people passionately oppose what they don’t love...but that’s not quite the same thing! And it can keep you busy for a lifetime.

We’re not to get excited by victories and defeats, by differences, debates and power struggles. We are all one, so the exhilaration must come from the unity, the togetherness and the gentle reflections, reminding us that we’re all the same. In passionate defense of love, these moments are the focus. Happiness the result.

Don’t stay in a divisive mood, comparing this to that, wasting your energy starting things and stopping things, trying to stay in some kind of control. Clear your heart of bitterness, don’t justify it! Get some clarity about what your heart desires and then go for it.

Soul is your best friend for implementing these sorts of changes, spiritually.
In the physical, it ties in with no longer drawing on our kidney chi to push on with one’s life but allowing ourselves instead to express our self through our lymphatic systems - infinite, regenerative, sustainable. (I’m on a herbal buzz at the moment and have found Cleavers does this for you..Don’t know if its a plant, mineral or an inanimate object but who cares. I say give it a go).

I recently cleared my ideals. I had 70 tucked away it turned out. Here's to keeping it real while making it magic!

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