Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The 5th (unconditional love) and 6th (sacred geometry) dimensions and their impact on 3D

Well, I’ve decided to turn this into a sort of Mills and Boon blog...her lips trembled, her chin quivered...a passion stirred like a curl of smoke arising through autumn leaves. She did not know herself if it would be a forest fire or a slow burning flame...meanwhile back at the ranch the world news comes on the radio. 30 million dying from drought in Somalia and Kenya, 10,000 a day. Should I do something? The inner team says no, the news is a distraction, its not really happening. The only thing I get a yes to is that it is the greedy side of the world’s fault. We’ve used up and unappreciated nature. We’ve received the gift of life and the support with an occasional thank you - maybe when a baby is delivered safely and a few other emotionally charged situations that thankfully go our way in life. Maybe a thank you if someone makes the dinner. The other thing I get a yes to is, nature’s climate can only rebalance if we pay attention to it. Don’t watch on with horror, powerlessness and blame as things go wrong but also don’t look away; watch on with compassion and gratitude. An increase in these vibrations can resonate around the whole globe, nourishing everyone and everything on its surface. Same goes for your inner landscape, reward yourself every day by receiving some love and affection. Once you make the decision, the whole universe conspires to manifest it.

Oh yes, sacred geometry. Have a think about how it applies to your life. For me, its about aligning with all that is. For example, aligning my little schism of energy with the laws of attraction, oneness and manifestation. In this sense, Harmony Hall - because of its design - creates an intersection between the possible and the actual. Living here also requires an acceptance of the law of detachment: Nothing is happening to anyone but everything is happening. The result of this is that, as we become more and more conscious, we need to choose our company carefully, creatively express every bit of information trying to come through us while, at the same time, taking nothing personally. What sort of mad plot is my Mills and Boon love story going to have? to incorporate all this brilliant stuff, when the ammunition for most of them is forbidden pleasure? If I come up with anything good, I’ll say. Most of all, the geometry has an application in healing. God knows, I’ve put the hours in this week on that front. I've also received some amazing energy. Salsa on the new dance floor with my favourite dance partner, the shamanic drumming, a dinner with old friends, mega angel input near Grange Mockler, an exotic fruit bumper harvest near the Pike and my paintings framed beautifully... so I’m very nearly in balance. Thanks for all that. Off out to treat myself to a good time! Please try not to speculate...I’m trying not to! One must trust that we are all fully guided at this stage and that this is where the party starts!

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