Friday, July 15, 2011

How to keep body and soul together

If any one was wondering, yes this particular moment is your best opportunity to be totally present, to be totally alive. In a constant movement of regeneration, keep recreating your linear reality with more colour, love and integrity. Also notice the ebb and flow - not zeniths and nadirs and mood swings from top to bottom but a giving and receiving flow that is possible in each moment and aligns us to our underlying hologram of happiness and perfection. To spend this moment lamenting the past and worrying about the future does not allow you to participate in the creative abilities of your soul energy. Nor does a sedentary approach of being past caring.

To create the perfect now it is important to go inward to the soul to find clarity (that's not evidential proof that the world is a bad place and certainty that not a thing can be done about it! but more a clarity consisting of a cleared inner landscape where old perspectives that were aligned with chaos and powerlessness take up none of your time and visualization of what resolutions are possible are what your mind alights upon). The outward flow is when that intention resonates from you in movements fuelled by friendship, interest and inner knowing of what we're capable of at our best. Positive change and healing can take place in undreamed of ways.

Our physical reality is meant to be an expression of our soul. Make it so, No.1 !

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