Monday, July 4, 2011

"How are your magnetic fields?"

This is a question we could ask each other during a Tropicana juice break in the morning. . . "Spending a little too much time over fault lines, it feels like!!" we might answer. Our bodies are dealing with levels of radiation and electrical currents that did not even exist a hundred years ago. That's quite a short time in relation to how quickly we can evolve. Adapt or die become our options. Our only means to do that is consciously upgrade our systems. Through space clearing using divining we can explore the different draws on our health, emitting from our environment. We can instantly track the main sources of disturbance to the human energy fields. You already will have noticed some of the effects a place is having on you. Illness, tiredness, insomnia, conflict. All these are just resistances to the information being fired at you from your environment. The clearing gives you a way to meet these frequencies comfortably. The potential is to walk in a lamina flow (a slip stream that does not follow the path of the river or the masses. It finds its own path but creates no friction, turbulence or conflict)

Every time I come home, I clear any low energies that may have taken up residence there. This might be emotions like pain and guilt, they may be toxicity from paint and building work, they may have been left by visitors. Really try and pay attention to where you are and how you're feeling about it ... and then pull yourself together and make the changes you need to make. Clear the darkness you find and choose happiness and gratitude in its place. Then, wherever you go, you're creating a harmonious flow to others and to yourself.

Drumming is on the 15th in the evening, I'm hoping it'll be sunny enough for us to all be on the new dance floor over the stream. I have finished at last the latest tryptich and sold one from my first...above. I'm not sure why I paint, this one must have simply been for peoples' amusement! Its the third from the Billy Joe Trilogy story I wrote. Hope everyone else is feeling creative and leaving time for at least some foolishness every day. Oh yes, I caught the bouquet at the wedding on Saturday so might not be space clearing for too much longer, if you've been procrastinating about having your place done? I'll be off to the Maldives for the rest of time having beautiful moments...In the meantime, count me in for anything geopathic, karmic, animal, vegetable or mineral x

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