Monday, July 18, 2011

The heart sees deeper than the eye - five languages of love!

In a sixth language - the canter of hooves - Windy said to me last night ‘Yes, a rug please!’
At the same time, in a seventh language, I heard the wind under his tail and in his weather swept eyes, whistling full of exhilaration. Both are true. In the same way, we can be both flying it and laid low all at the same time. There is just a lot of information arising for everyone and for the planet as a whole. For the people I’ve been meeting there are lots of physical expressions of this acceleration of input, for some stress and injury, for me a tiredness, a recurring feeling of being in need of an urgent lie down! Simultaneously, we are also able to run with the new information. I’ve been painting and sculpting for Arts Week - (my exhibitions will be in Esquires, High Street and the Coffee Bean in Loughbuoy and hopefully ceramics in the William Street Gallery), been reviving a beautiful nocturne by Chopin, the Prokofiev Sonata and some love songs that have been on file for ages and wild amounts of energy work are coming in. So its a state of receptivity we need to bring ourselves to, hand in hand with a strong confidence that something amazing is working through us, hand in hand (this is becoming a bit of a barn dance) with an established inner guidance system of how to honour ourselves as we go along (honour the self as opposed to honour ourselves with accolades and/or protect ourselves due to fear!)

So, to honour ourselves we need our love tanks full. And the five languages of love are

Words of affirmation - I will always be there for you!
Physical touch - great chemistry and lasting peace
Acts of service - I pay attention to your physical and emotional needs
Quality time - All time spent in unity is quality time
Gifts - Whatever we bring is a gift, be it an apparent good or bad.

So find the depth of those acknowledgements in yourself and know they’ll be reflected in your 3D!

The most important thing to remember at the moment as far as I can see is that there’s nothing to worry about. Expect the best, fear nothing!

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