Monday, June 27, 2011

Got a good attitude?

I think it might be time we made a declaration of intent. It plays on my mind that many people, who know how to clear their energy, don't. They blow hopelessly, or ricochet chaotically, from one day to the next, wondering what will come next. The only reason for this complete inability to take the reins and make life s*** hot, is a lasting belief that it is the outside world that tells us how we are doing and what is going on.This is just not true; if your inner self is secure, your life is secure. Set the intention to keep returning to an inner, eternal reference point from the external ones. . . they are ever changing and elusive and therefore inevitably hard to keep up with. Inside, is a stillness and your team of experts ready and willing to bring clarity and ease. Do it this way around and just watch the outside world align.

The troubles and insecurities we face now, we created a long time ago, so don't get disheartened if 5 minutes of positive thinking doesn't address and correct the dynamics in every area of your life!! Stick with it. Elevate your thoughts daily to your best possible - both in expectation and contribution. If you still think you don't know how to clear or need someone else to do it, start by keeping things very general. Ask yourself the question, is there anything wrong with me that I can acknowledge and release right now? You'll probably start yawning or eyes watering or get a little shiver and then you know you're away. Your system, physiological, emotional, spiritual and etheric KNOWS what to do. It is innate knowledge, a deep intrinsic healing dynamic of nature, that turbulent energy seeks to be expressed, let go through acknowledgement and harmonized. Just allow it to happen. You are powerful beyond measure. Start defining what you want. No need to tell what it is, but make it loving, grand, a testament and a legacy and a wave of good feeling will course through your veins, changing toxicity on a cellular level to joy, the highest energy of all.