Saturday, January 29, 2011

What is love?

You can only experience love to the extent that you can show it to yourself. That’s also the upper limit to what you can bestow on significant others too. If you deep down loathe yourself, feel you don’t deserve much and think you’re missing a vital part that might make you human or lovable, then you might want to start exploring this question. If you are currently being abused around the clock by everyone you meet, again you’re up against a twisted understanding of love. It comes in many forms that all have their merits but, in short, love is a willingness to be present and pay attention.

As you cultivate a relationship with yourself you find out gradually what is holding you back, it may be painful or cringe worthy events. It may be fear of rejection. Its likely to be any number of mental and emotional experiences. So love is also the commitment to explore your own blocks and triggers as a welcome part of your inner landscape. In relationships, this translates into an ever expanding comfort zone of shared experience with your partner. Romantic love, projection of your hopes and dreams, needs, obsessions and intensity all get a lot of bad press but they all have their part to play in the grand theatre of our lives! Why not!

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