Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011

Thank you everyone for being such brilliant aspects of the self; reflecting back exactly what I need to address in myself at exactly the right moment. I think we are all well able for what lies ahead. At 11 o clock and 1 o clock today, 1.1.11, I did an hour's meditation, allowing through support and intervention by a holy host of divine aspects, like God for example and to work from the top! to many angelos - messengers - and power animals like otter, dolphin and wolf and whoever else showed up like Windy of course. Went riding yesterday and I have to insist that everyone get outside preferably on horse back every day! Think we should also spread our arms around the world in some sense. I am so glad to have this way to be of service without leaving the building! That's the clearing I'm talking about! I have been doing alot of distance healing during the snow that have gone great for the whole family I'm tuning in to. It really is evidence that we can send good fortune and resolution around the world as long as we have the clarity of intention and the courage and compassion to try it. I also hope to prove that one can paint the way out of a recession or depression to a completely vibrant and heartwarming future, from the personal to the global. Further to my own colourful world of animals and wonderful people and natural beauty, I have already painted world peace and money arriving on angels wings. What reality are you yourselves going to create this year? x

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