Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Who is doing the thinking?

This is article no.4 which I'm uploading on the ferry to England!
Don't forget drumming at noon on saturday 22nd Jan at Harmony Hall.

Don’t be fooled in to believing that you’ve got a great head on your shoulders and that, of everything, your reasoning has never let you down! Look at your thoughts a little more objectively for a moment. They have effectively been waging a war of attrition on your well being, dismissing out of hand any feeling or intuitive insight. How many fleeting visions of imagination do you thwart as they arise, with a judgement like its impossible, that’s unlikely, I doubt it or dream on...without actually meaning that! What is really going on in your head is a very long or very short medley of tunes on a loop. Some short circuit back to the same song every few minutes or so, others are hoping they can write a new melody but find it strangely familiar after all.

We need some discipline around here to mentally move our thoughts from repetitive bias to conscious choice. We are each just a schism of energy that identifies with countless experiences and beliefs over time. Somehow you end up on this beach with all your baggage, completely disconnected from the ocean of possibilities you emerged from. Then to cap it all, you say to yourself, well this is who I am. I recommend stepping back into the ocean and this can be done by starting to allow a gap between your thoughts - if you don’t mind! Brilliant though they are! Although you will experience a loss of imagined control, in its place you will be allowing the infinite organizing power of nature to influence you. Then things really start to get exciting as the parameters of your old identity soften and inspiration rolls in for expression.

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