Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How to heal a broken heart

The problem with a broken heart is that it is love and grief tied in a very big knot. One minute you think you’re tugging loose a strand of grief and ready to move onwards and upwards, only to find you’ve tightened the hold of your heart strings. The tension leads to breaking point. It doesn’t take much. Someone can unexpectedly show you a small kindness and you find yourself in a heap. You can have just taken a shine to someone only to jump to the feeling of having been used. More often, you shut down and privately vow never to feel anything at all again. This level of bad feeling can carry through generations as cellular memory and manifests again and again as heart attacks and cancer. So its fairly important to heal your heart. This can be done by acknowledging what’s stored there.

The heart is a tetrahydral shaped muscle and as such can hold millions upon millions of bits of information and frequencies, without them conflicting. The way people have it set up emotionally though is like a love heart-shaped room with one or two incongruous pieces of furniture in it, that must be avoided or run into - picture a suite consisting of a three seater sofa of guilt, an armchair of sadness and another armchair of some unfamiliar but toxic-looking material. The result is that no hopeful feeling can get past and no tentative idea can receive your full investment. Once you have the realization that your heart can handle anything by being open and receptive, you know everything you need to know. The emotional charge that surrounded your worst memories and fears starts to disperse. The shock leaves the rest of your body too, leaving you less reactive and more able to respond instead. Your heart returns to its harmonious flow of information in and out. You will be able to experience the whole spectrum of feelings from creative and blissful through to enraged or painful without judging any of them as good or bad. Best of all though, you will be able to freely express your love again at will.

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