Monday, January 10, 2011

Do you want to change the way you are?

Hi, this is the third in the series of articles I've been writing. I have also done some mega clearings in the last week, which I recommend to those of you who know how to clear. I became interested in percentages after a client rang to say. Wow, I went to a karma clearing workshop and the guy said you'd already cleared 89% of my karma! It was funny to me at the time. I found myself asking what percentage of my being was caught in an ancient cringe from childhood and past life? - I got it from a wopping 30% down to 0%. I asked what percentage of my being radiates love and light. I got it from a respectable 79% up to 100%. Then I asked what percentage of my being am I cutting off from the abundance of the universe, had to get that down from a critical 80% down to 0%. You can imagine that those three uncovered much material and I have been in an emotional outpouring ever since. Goodness knows what I'll be like when I emerge. Its been inevitably fairly painful but I consider it 'accelerated learning' ! and the rewards are always way higher than the price.

It occurs to most people every day that they should try harder, if not be altogether different from how they are. The obvious set back to this thought process is that it repeatedly informs you that you are not alright as you are. Instead of being a motivating force behind self improvement, its a passion killer of self criticism. However, if your self acceptance grows, you can fundamentally change the way you are. From overweight or underweight to a radiant expression of aliveness; from too old or too young to a warm respect for yourself and others; from a victim of circumstance to a powerful creator of your daily reality. So, what is this self acceptance and how to get there? It starts with a realization and a continued awareness that it has been your environment that has dictated how you feel about yourself since Day One. By the time you are an adult, you are armored up to the hilt and on the defensive. When you live in an impenetrable fortress, you inadvertently leave yourself a very small comfort zone to move in. No one else is in it. Definitely not family and friends as they are too close a trigger back to painful old experiences and also most of you yourself aren’t in it. Your shadow side is shut out too.

This shadow side is the bit you have to explore. Yes there’s memories and unpleasant characteristics and feelings but this territory is also home to your greatest potential and gifts. Your way of life moves from an external reference point - the goal being approval by your peers and survival in your environment - to an internal reference. The questions to ask are how do I feel about this and that, rather than how might it be judged by others. Over time you’ll come to recognize yourself as ‘usually pretty fair’, or ‘my intuition serves me well’, etc and then you are bringing your thoughts in to harmony with all that is the case anyway. Resistance and stress in all their manifestations fall away. In the process you learn what makes you tick. You feel strongly about injustice or there’s a bit of a persecution complex at work or whatever. There is no longer anyone to blame, not even yourself. Addictions from love, to alcohol, to work no longer have the mental hold over you because you notice right away what you do and don’t want to do and trust it. You ask yourself what feels good and understand your cravings and can let them go. Then you are empowered and your care for yourself takes form as positive change in body, mind and around you.

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