Saturday, January 8, 2011

Overcome your fears

It might be useful to do an inventory of what you’re afraid of. This starts to get them out in the daylight. As you grow up you’re not afraid of the dark so much. Or are you, except you now have a family or partner in the house to protect or be protected by so you don’t think about it? Many emotional fears hold people in a lonely experience, for example fear of rejection and fear of loss. Then you notice your life is stuck in an apparent impasse. What is it that stops you from opening your mind to the infinite possibilities available to you? Again it is fear. It has sealed up your entire creative capacity, your resourcefulness, imagination and ability to express love. Probably worth dealing with. So, first you have to know your fears and then you have to practice being okay with them. See yourself as flanked by love and power, in what ever form they turn up, and facing your fears. In such good company, you will find yourself addressing your fears from a firm but friendly perspective. Fears only show up as an opportunity to learn something about yourself, don’t miss the opportunity.

When it comes to financial fear, I know there is a consensus. Everyone is agreed that we’re in trouble. More important to remember though is that it is the collective fear that has created the problem. There was greed and there was desperation, both sides of the same scarce coin; fear of not having enough. You notice how destructive its been to the individual and the world’s resources. If we hold the fear in ourselves we can only have it reflected back. Because we’re all connected, we create it again and again. Practice feeling secure about money, make gratitude for what you do have become a familiar feeling. It will start as a mental exercise in the form of maybe the sentence ‘right here, right now, I am ok’ The gift is to bring yourself back in to the present moment. Fear only exists as memory of past events or anxiety about the future. To then learn to behave with courage, start to cultivate feelings of trust. Learn to trust yourself and to trust that you are part of a bigger picture that isn’t trying to ditch you physically or metaphorically. Remember you belong here, you are crucial and equipped for everything life brings. Its the only way it can be.

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