Thursday, January 20, 2011

Understanding dreams

Dreams are often a way for someone who has died to come and say hello, that they’re alright or need some further clearing. Patterns also show up like betrayal, rejection, being incapacitated or exposed in some way. These are all useful to observe in any healing journey, which is nothing more than an ever increasing self awareness. The happy knock on effect is a comfortability with, and compassion for, all living things. In the meantime, your dreams are an arena where what you’re afraid of can show up. This doesn’t really narrow it down as people are, on the whole, very afraid of anything out of the ordinary. They can hardly look or listen when they’re awake in case, God forbid! they happen upon something that contradicts the consensus.

Fair enough, most people don’t want to see spirits all day of people long gone, let alone those of all the animals, but what else are we missing? All of it, I would answer. Guidance, for starters, from all aspects of our being, our innate intelligence. God perhaps might like to express something even, seeing as he has at least a good bit of perspective. Don’t get me started on his omnipresence, omniscience and eternal nature, all of which we have too if we only allowed divine aspects of our being to have a say rather than just the mundane. We also miss the restorative experience of the countryside, life lessons, foresight and the endless solutions there are to the difficulties we face. All these things, for the moment, then can only surface in our dreams. Perhaps with our next year’s tax returns we should be asked to also compile our dream journal in to a manifesto. They would make for the introduction of a lot of new policies and interesting reading but first you have to start keeping one.

This was my 5th article! Don't forget there is the shamanic journey and energy clearing at my house on Saturday at noon. I have made back from England and so should have something ready for lunch and a cake at very least.

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